Frogging stranded colorwork

Was almost completed with the Tourville cardigan ( should have stopped working on it sooner. Question: Is there a certain way to frogg stranded colorwork ? I would like to be able to use the many colors without destroying them.
Thanks for your help and suggestions,

That’s going to be gorgeous!
I pull these stitches out (regretfully) until I get to about a row before I need to stop. Then I take out the sts one by one inserting the lefthand needle into each stitch as I pull out the previous row. Kind of like tinking without having the sts on the righthand needle.

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I don’t know if there’s a ‘right’ way to frog stranded colorwork. I pull out a length of yarn in each color and when I have enough it’s a problem make sure they’re untangled and make butterflies or just separate piles of colors. Then I do the same thing again and eventually wind them into separate balls. I just try to keep the colors as separate and untangled as possible.


Thank you , as always you have helped me understand and grow with my knitting knowledge. I have learned more from you then any in person instructor or book. You give instruction clearly and you’re patient encouragement is always appreciated.
Thanks also for letting me know about my email address: I removed it. :rose::heart::100: