Frogging slip stitch pattern

I’m on Section 4 of Andrea Mowry’s Shift Cowl and the number of stitches is off…must have missed an increase (or maybe 2) somewhere. I need to tink or frog back about 10 maybe 15 rows…would like to frog I’m nervous that I won’t be able to pick up the stitches from the last lifeline. Or maybe there is a workaround?? TIA

How smart are you to have put in lifelines! It should be pretty straightforward to move the sts from the lifeline using a couple of sizes smaller needle if you have it.

The sts slip purlwise onto the new needle.

As it turned out, I only had to tink 2 rows to get back to make it all right, so pretty darn happy about that. The smart thing to do will be to knit a small swatch and then tink that as practice

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Sounds like you’re now an expert in tinking slip stitch!

Lovely scarf and look at the number of Ravelry projects.