Frogging help

My phone won’t let me search so if there’s already a thread,point me in that direction.

I’ve had to undo a few rows and when I pick the stitches back up,my working yarn is at the second to the last stitch on my needle.Does this make sense? Anyone help?

It just means you probably need to frog one more or one less…whatever you need. To remove just one stitch at a time hold your needles like you’re going to knit. Insert your left needle into the stitch directly below the first one on your right needle. Pull the right needle out and the extra stitch goes away.

I actually do this if I only have to remove a couple rows rather than take the needles out and reinsert them. After awhile you get pretty fast.

It just means the yarn came out of the last stitch. Put the last stitch on the other needle and knit or purl it so the yarn is at the end of the row.

I feel really stupid…I don’t understand…I’m going to blame it on pregnancy lol

If I put it on the other needle and knit it,it seems weird…like really tight. As is,it looks like a really big stitch on the end. I’m so confused. I looked for a video on what to do but can’t find anything.

Are you twisting the stitch when you knit it again? Sometimes I have to decide to not worry too much about one stitch at the end, especially if it will be in a seam. If you can’t rework it so you’re OK with it, you’ll need to tink back to it.

ooops, posted the wrong information.

You might have twisted the stitch when you put it on the other needle, and it’s normal for it to be a bit looser. That will even out when you knit more rows above it and when you wash it.

I think I’m just going to knit as is.It’s just a scarf and it’s on the very end so it might blend in…I just know if I can pick it out later,it’ll drive me nuts!

Thanks for your replies!:muah: Hopefully I’ll eventually be good enough that I can ANSWER questions on here instead of just ask lol

Someone much wiser and more experienced than I said that if you can’t spot it from 20 yards away on the back of a galloping horse, don’t worry about it. I think this easily falls into that category. Knitting should be enjoyable.

I thought I’d post a pic so I could show you guys what I meant.

Thanks, and it’s just what I thought. Turn it so the yarn is in back, put the end stitch on another needle (slip it with the needle tips facing each other) then just knit the one stitch. Make sure you knit into the leg of the stitch closest to the tip of the needle so it doesn’t twist it which is what makes it tight.

You don’t need to do anything, but…Trust us. These are techniques you will use in your future knitting life so no better way to learn than on a scarf. Better than halfway through a sweater. :slight_smile:

That said…you can also just keep knitting and ignore it and make a swatch to learn on.

turn it around?leg of stitch? It doesn’t matter so much on this project but I’m trying to figure out what to do for future reference…like I said,I’ve had this problem before.

ETA:I didn’t see your post when I posted,Jan

From the angle you took the picture, turn the needle and your work so the working yarn is in back. This is usually with the needle in your right hand. Slip the end stitch to the other needle. Each stitch has 2 legs, one in front of the needle, one it bakc. In standard knitting the end closest to the tip of the needle is in front and that’s how you normally knit a stitch; but if the stitch gets twisted, it could be in back. So if you knit into the ‘leading’ leg or the one closest to the tip, the stitch will be untwisted.

ooooh thanks for that explanation!I will try it!:hug:

OK I think I got it straightened out but while knitting that row,I noticed that I somehow got all of the stitches turned around,I think…how did I manage that?And I think I knit the first stitch before realizing this,is this an issue?

If your stitches are twisted you knit into the back of the stitch to straighten it out. Or you can flip each one as you come to it, but the other way is faster. I don’t know exactly what you man, but if you mean the first one is twisted you can frog that one stitch like I suggested and redo it, OR just ignore it. It’s only one stitch.

You must have put the needle back in with them twisted. Do the 'knit through the leg closest to the tip) on all the stitches and that will untwist them. We’ve got a video for that.

Well I already knit them all and turned them around as I got to them,except for that first or second one…which I’m going to have to leave alone before I get discouraged and quit.

Yeah, just leave it; some patterns have you knit twisted stitches on purpose, and it won’t show on garter stitch anyway.