Frogging Dilemma

So about one year ago I started knitting this
with a really pretty varigated blue/lavendar cotton yarn. It was my first attempt at a sweater (and in the round from the bottom up). I got to the sleeves done on dpn’s and haven’t gone any further. Sooooo, the problem is I want to finish it but I now have a good enough eye that I can see the myriad of mistakes I made and I know I just won’t be satisfied with “making do” to correct the mistakes. Should I frog it and start over? hmmmmm. As a point of reference, I am in the middle of the 12 (!) :shock: repeats of the straight section of Clapotis. hrrrmmmph.

So many folks here and on the board post about all their projects and they all seem to finish so quickly! Am I a slow/challenged knitter? I love it but man! it takes a big time committment.

(yeah, I already know the answer - but I guess I’m looking for encouragement. hee hee hee)

I take a long time to finish big projects like that too. I usually hit the wall, and then have to decide if it’s worth it to me to finish, based on how its gone so far and if I feel like I’ll actually use whatever it is I’m making. If it’s a gift it’s different, but if it’s for me, if I’m not happy with how it’s come out or I can see the mistakes I’ve made, I’ll frog. Even if it’s things I know no one else will notice, I know that I will and then it’s not worth it to me (that’s the perfectionist in me though, some others may not be so fussy!)

So depending on how you feel about the mistakes, you will need to make the decision yourself! Good luck, and you can do it! Even if you start over again you will at some point have a beautiful finished object that you will no doubt be able to be proud of!


If you don’t want to just “make do” with the mistakes, then sure go ahead and frog it and start over. At least then you’ll have a sweater that you’ll wear instead of a completed project that will just sit in the back of your closet.

I think the amount of time it takes to finish a project is proportional to the amount of time you can spend knitting, not just the amount of speed skill a knitter has. Some people have more time to knit than others. It is most definitely NOT a measure of actual skill.

I must agree, if you aren’t pleased with the sweater & u don’t think that you would wear it, I would say frog it, knit it again & enjoy it for years :smiley: Please don’t be discouraged by the rate of knitting, some people have more time to devote to knitting, some knit faster than others, some are doing smaller projects. The important thing is that you enjoy yourself :wink:

Thanks for the encouragement, as requested :wink: .

Rebecca, I visited your photobucket - cause your profile says something about Oz - not that means I assume you’re from Kansas - but you know, we get that all the time. Is Shannon your daughter? WOW! She’s a knockout - very lovely.

So, I’m resolved to frog the sweater - it will all be for the best.

Thanks again.


I know u will be much happier with the sweater, but…Jenn, I feel your :frog: pain, just yesterday I frogged a my Cozy, I just didn’t like the yarn, so when I redo it, I will be happy about it, but it did sting a bit as I :frog: all of that work :shock:
LOL, I happen to be a big ‘Wizard of Oz’ fan, don’t live in KS, but 2 of my kids do :wink: Yep, Shannon is our baby, she will be 21 next month…I still can’t wrap my mind around THAT :roflhard: :rofling: Thanks, I have to agree that she’s lovely, although, I’m a tad prejudiced :roflhard: :rofling: , thanks so much for noticing her :wink: