Frogging back sock

I just had to frog back over 2" on the toe end of my sock. I was so pleased with myself. I was coming to the end of the second sock just as my shipment from Knitpicks is scheduled to arrive. I was looking forward to starting a new project immediately with my new Harmonies. I was busy also reading the posts here and I totally skipped a major decrease in the design. This pattern calls for the cabling to stop a couple of inches before the toe decreases, but when you do that you also are supposed to decrease the top of the foot by 8 stitches to make up for the fact that the foot is no longer being drawn in by the cables. I had a big floppy foot that doesn’t match the 1st sock.
I’m using lace weight yarn on size 1 needles and I think I need new glasses and now I have a headache, but the sock is back on the needles.:woohoo:

I feel your pain! What pattern is it? I frogged my first toe-ups (Kaileigh) entirely, as well as Yarn Harlot’s Earl Grey’s…(they’re both on my Ravelry page, user: arielluria). Glad you’re back with the sock OK! :wink:

It’s from a 30 yr old booklet from Bucilla called Hand Knit Socks. It’s just called cable stitch socks. Knit from top down.

Awww, I had to do that today also! :frowning: But the whole thing, 5 inches! I’m not totally devistated because I decided to change pattern anyways. Oh well.

I’m back to where I discovered the mistake and heading for the toe, so will have it finished before bed. I didn’t get my shipment from Knitpicks anyway so I’m going to have to find some small projects to carry me over to monday.

i have some socks laying on my counter that need to be frogged but I’m scared to do it. It’s already ‘finished’…I left out the gusset :teehee: It’s my 3rd pair of socks and I just wasn’t looking at the pattern and flew past it. The second one is almost done I’ll have to frog a little of it but not much. So it’s waiting until I get to it if ever.