Frogging Argyles

Just in case you were working on some argyle socks and you realize that you’re one stitch off somewhere in the middle, I have a word of advice for you:

You may get frustrated with yourself and think that it would just be easier to just frog the sock and start over, but you would be wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong.

You see, every time you wrap the yarn as you switch colors, it makes it that much more difficult to frog. So, if you thought frogging would be easier, you would be mistaken. Really mistaken.

oh wow… i hope you get it all fixed! They are pretty color combinations though :slight_smile:

Oh dear!

I’d go crazy! Good luck fixing it up!

Yikes!!!:hair: <===I’d be here in about 2 minutes

Hope you get it sorted out quickly!

Oh rachel! They’re so pretty too. What a pain to have to untangle that!

Yikes!!! Good luck!

I don’t envy you. Hope you get it sorted.

[SIZE=“5”]:frog: [/SIZE]
I seriously think I’d be screaming! Good luck!

Holy Moly! :thud: Good luck with getting all worked out. Focused and patient knitty thoughts are on the way.

Ooo, what a mess! I hope you get it all sorted out without too much of a headache.

I did a fair isle hat for my dad in December. Finished it…and then realized that it was too big. Like two times too big. He has a large head…but this was like watermelon too big (yes, I did realize it as I went along, but I kept thinking that I was wrong!)

Frogging that sucker was ridiculous. I finally took it with me on a car trip, and two of the girls riding with me got bored and actually asked me if they could do it. They even wrapped the yarn into perfect little balls. Great job for non-knitters!

I feel your pain. Maybe you could find someone who would like to help untangle?

you are so right-what a mess!!! If it were me I would cut off all the bobbins (leaving a tail for each one on the main part) and then pull each bobbin out and reconnect.
good luck ellie

wow. thats a mess…hope it gets sorted out.

Last night…first intarsia project. I should’ve listened to you. The bird wasn’t that messed up. It wasn’t. I would’ve been the only who noticed.

But I just kept looking at that little error, thinking I should fix it. So I did. I frogged it.


You tried to warn me…but I didn’t listen. (sigh)

lol Awww, you definitely should have listened. I ended up just cutting my losses, literally :frowning:

Seriously guys, now you’ve been warned twice - this is not a good idea!

Moral of the story: don’t mess up your intarsia. lol Why did I think of that?

In the first place, I am so totally not even up to TRYING argyle socks. My hat is off to you for that!

Second, I’m SO sorry about the mess. There is nothing more frustrating that hopelessly tangled knitting.

Yet…in a strange and pathetic way, it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one who can do those things! Thanks for the warning. I, for one, will heed you, so you can at least consider that it wasn’t all for naught!!

Hope it all goes better the second time around.