Frogging and reknitting a stockinette scarf

Like so many, I knitted a scarf in stockinette. Rather than fight with trying to block it, I want to do it over in a ribbed pattern. (That gives me another pattern to learn!) I’m planning to frog it from the top, unravel a few rows at a time, and reknit from there.

Do I need to worry about twisted yarn? It’s an aran weight merino/cashmere mix, if that matters.

No, the kinked up yarn will straighten out as you knit it. I often reknit from the end of an almost done project and it knits fine. Then wash when you’re done to even out the stitches.

Wait what? I’m not sure if I understand what you’re gonna do. :???:

[ul][li]So you knitted and completed a stockinette scarf.
[/li][li]You want to take it apart piece by piece.
[/li][li]You’re reknitting it into a ribbed work.[/ul]
If you’re doing that, isn’t that the same thing as completely unraveling your finished stockinette scarf completely and starting all over again?

If I were you, I’d drop the top stitch you wanna make a purl/knit column, frog the entire column, and use a crochet hook to remake it into a different stitch. I did that once after realizing that I didn’t like the stockinette stitch on a scarf I made. There’s a video somewhere on this site about fixing mistakes without unraveling the work. :smiley:

If I interpreted your post completely wrong, then disregard everything I just said :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that’s exactly what she’s doing, unraveling it. But as she reknits the whole thing. And it’s much easier to start over again than drop stitches and pick them up in a garter stitch pattern. That would take just as long as reknitting.

Wait I dunno what I’m saying. You were asking if its gonna twist? What’s gonna twist… Iono I’m confused X.X

Well if you’re asking if the yarn is gonna kink, then it doesn’t matter because they’re basically not gonna show. Like suzeeq said before, just washing it will even it out. :smiley:

Thanks. That’s what I needed to hear. I’m on my way.

What an interesting idea! I tried doing that on a small section, just to see if I could. I don’t have that skill yet. I may need to try it someday, but I hope not on a whole column!

And the word I wanted was indeed not “twist” but “kink”. The unraveled yarn looks like kinked zigzags, but once it’s reknitted it looks okay.