Frogging 40rows-wahhh!

I was so proud!! I called my Mom to brag-almost done w/ dd’s sweater!! yippee!! My first real garment!! Not a hat or scarf or afghan, but a real honest-to-goodness sweater!!

but something seemed a little off…hmmm :?? what could it be?
:shock: AAAACK!! the center front placket will soon be one with the right front raglan decrease!!! :doh: :oops: :rollseyes:

now I have to frog forty rows…all the “hard” part rows… :wall:


just wanted to share with someone who understands. Sigh. My happy dance will have to wait I guess!!

Not so fast!

Do you mean the patterned front is meeting the decreased sides? Maybe it’s supposed to. Often a pattern will ‘blend’ into the increases/decreases of the raglan. As the top of the sweater gets narrower, it will cut into the pattern. If I’m understanding you correctly, that is.

Well, I don’t think its supposed to-it doen’t look that way in the picture at least. I’m knitting the baby sweater in Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and and the placket is centered at the front.

I’m pretty sure I know where I went wrong -I’m making the third size, 1-2 yrs, and when I started the placket I think I used the first size which said start 21 st before right front raglan decrease-then (when I was thinking it looked wonky, about 12 rows from the end, of course, lol!) I read the directions again and realized I was supposed to start at 45 stitches before rt front rgln decrease.


It really does help to read the instructions correctly! Incidentally its funny that you answered Ingrid (thank you!), because as I was trying to make this sweater I kept thinking that doesn’t sound like it’ll work! But I kept repeating “Trust the pattern!”, Ingrid said to, and her stuff is gorgeous! (and I’ll add read correctly, LOL) and what do you know the decreases worked perfectly :smiley:

Too bad I messed up the placket, hehe…

Thanks again for your wise words!

hilary, i feel your pain! :crying:

that sucks… if i had to frog tha much i would just start over. i hate reinserting the needle!

Carmell I am the same way I hate trying to put the needle back in. I am learning to do it instead of frogging alot of hard work that looks okay. I am really proud of myself when I get it right.


Hilary, oh no! :frowning:

Are you SURE you can’t, you know, fudge it? Work with it as is? Sometimes mistakes can still look good…

Well, we’re with you, whatever you have to do!

If it is any consulation, I’ve been knitting for 30 years and still do stuff like that. I’ve gotten better since I started printing or photocopying my patterns and highlighting size specific directions and things to look out for (like where to decrease and the start of a different pattern). Deep breath and don’t frog if you have been drinking (she says from experience.) :roflhard:

Hilary…I’m so sorry :frowning: abuot your :frog: episode :frowning: but…remember what your mom used to say…“You learn from your mistakes.”…that is very true and a good way to look @ froggin’… :wink:

LOL-Michelle, that was my first reaction-i need a DRINK!! I resisted however, and have now frogged back (using Amy’s lifeline instructions-thanks a million Amy!!!) and it wasn’t so bad, actually…

I’ve reread the directions-several times-and found out that I had read them and followed them correctly but that the pattern is actually wrong. I managed to figure it out though, and (God willing!) am once again on my way to finishing this thing :happydance:

Rebecca and Amy and everyone, thanks so much for the empathy!

:heart: it’s so nice to be understood! And yes, I’m definitely learning from my mistakes :slight_smile: now I hope I can remember them next time! I can’t wait to post this as a FO!!

Unreal–the pain, isn’t it?? I ripped out a sock today --I had done 6 inches of ribbing and almost turned the whole heel when I saw SOMETHING–a stitch–not a dropped stitch, but something out of place–like maybe a yarn forward when it was suppposed to be back. I DON"T KNOW HOW TO RE-INSERT NEEDLE!!! SO I ripped the whole thing out–that beautiful Shepherd Socks by Lorna’s Laces in Forest Green colors sock for my DIL’s Christmas present…and put that yarn back in my basket for another day that my hands weren’t shaking from being so miserable!! I THOUGHT I could just go back and correct that one mistake, but I just can’t find the stitches in that 2 x 2 ribbing!! BAh–HUMBUG! :oops:

I can feel your pain! And will be experiencing my own tomorrow morning.

I cast on the stitches for a pair of socks for DH today. I was {and still am :smiley: } proud of how the ribbing turned out using the new purling method I had learned. :x: See:

I’m about 3 inches and 4-5 hours into it, and I’ve decided that the way the striping is going is not going to work out. The greens & olives have matched up and the browns & blacks have matched up, and to make matters worse, they are spiralling around the sock. :shock: Definitely not the random camoflauge look I was hoping for. I wanted to get a 2nd set of 2.75 mm dpns tonight since my only set of that size is in my Kroy sock, and my LYS didn’t have any. :crying: I need to put my Kroy on stitch holders, frog the camo sock, :frog: and try again with the smaller needles, hoping for the best. I have 4 pairs of socks that I need to get done in less than a month, and I can only work on them during the day when my girls are at school, and when I’m not sleeping {since I work nights, I try to get some sleep during the day}. DAGNABIT, I woulda been turning the heel tomorrow afternoon!

I think your “Trust the Pattern” motto (for lack of better words) is in a lot of people’s head. I swear everytime I think to myself ‘This doesn’t seem right’ I stop and tell myself I need to ‘Trust the Pattern’. :smiley:

I just HAVE to start using a safety net , I guess, so I can at least get back to somewhere without tearing out the whole thing. This happens too much, and it’s from carelessness, or not being able to pay enough attention to it…I think I’m losing my mind!! :shock:

I’ve got 4 more pairs of socks I want to get done too, but I may have to do scarves instead–I don’t want to feel so pressed to knit them up so fast that I push — then I really make mistakes. And it away takes so much from the pleasure of knitting, which is why I started doing knitting in the first place!!

I can frog back on stockinette okay, but when it’s ribbing or , heaven forbid–a heel turn–I’m lost!! Wahhhhh! :pray:

Ellen, I know, I wish I had put one in!! It didn’t even cross my mind! Most of the things I’ve knit so far have been easy-peasy, and not difficult to frog and re-knit if necessary. But this one scared me! Now thatI’ve done it it’s not so bad. Instead of actually using the knitting needle, I threaded a yarn needle with contrasting yarn (I’d recommend using the same weight or smaller-I used a thicker yarn and that was a pain!) and just put in a line where I wanted to rip back to.

Now I’m on the sixth row (19 more to go to return to where I was!) so I didn’t have to rip quite as far as I thought-and I am SOOO glad I started with this toddler sweater instead of the 6’2" 45" chest MAN sweater I had intended to be my first real sweater, LOL :shock: THAT would’ve really made me cry!!

What’s frogging?

What does a frog say? Rip-it, rip-it, rip-it.

When you rip out rows, you frog.

When you take it out one stitch at a time, you tink–knit spelled backwards.

:roflhard: Oh, I love it!!! I knew it meant rip it out but hadn’t thought of a FROG!!! :doh: Sadly I do a lot of tinking. :oops: