Froggin and life lines

I am knitting a summer top. The pattern calls for a raglan sleeve and had me knit a few rows of an eyelett pattern. I have made a mitake and want to know if I can put a life line in after the fact (I hate to have to start over as I’m knitting on small needles with fine yarn)!! I don’t think I will be able to rip it all out without messing up the body of the piece. Help!!

if it’s just a row or two you can unknit it stitch by stitch from the right needle to the left.
If it’s more rows than that, you can put in a lifeline after the fact by using a fine yarn or even dental floss threaded on a tapistry needle. You would thread the lifeline into the center of the stitches on a row that is a couple of rows below the row with the mistake. Just do it carefully so that you are sure you’re going into sts on the same row, and not skipping up or down a row.

I tried doing exactly what you said… with sewing thread. I was off alot since the stiches are so tiny. I ended up ripping out all 5 rows of stiches and putting them on a smaller set of needles. It was tedious but i think I did it. Some stiches are twisted but I can fix them as I knit. phew! didn’t want to have to start all over. I’m using a mohair and was so frustrated by this mistake!!! Thanks for replying to my plea for help!!

i think sewing thread would make it really difficult but I’m happy you managed to correct the error. Maybe now is a good time to put in a real lifeline in the unlikely event that another mistake happens!