Frogged Shawl ! AGGHH

[color=darkblue][b]I was about to start my third ball of Patons Bohemian … the shawl is 85 st and about four feet long … for some reason it wasn’t working out then realized … I was doing seed stitch all along from the beginning and somehow ended up with one less stitch and RIBBING FOR SIX OR SEVEN ROWS! I attempted to pull it back but I am not experienced enough to know which is a purl and which is a knit once I got them back on the needles … I ended up frogging the whole thing … :!!!:


[color=indigo][size=6]YIKES![/size] Another shawl disaster. I am in midst of suffering with a triangular shawl, using KP Party Ribbon. Never again. :thud:

I’m up to 73sts on row, with about 172sts needed for 72" width. That’s only another 50 or so rows of ever-increasing length.
If you’ve already frogged the beast, for the sake of your mental health and general tranquility, don’t do it again. There have to be better projects than these dreadful shawls. Gotta be … gotta be … jus’ gotta be … :passedout:



Oh Toby,

I’m so sorry. Maybe you could go to your local LYS and get someone to help you learn how to remove rows and put the stitches back on. This is still something I struggle with, but sometimes, watching someone do it helps.


[b]This yarn is so hairy and odd that it’s easy to get the stitches back on one by one if you take a few out but ripping back more than a row, I have no clue what to look for insofar as getting them back on … but on frogging I was able to measure it and realized it’s not long enough anyway … I’m using 8 mm needles and 85 st and it was 4 ft long … I need it about 5 ft. (I measured using a towel :teehee: around myself) … if I use 9 mm needles would I get a larger shawl with the same amount of stitches? This yarn says 8 st/14 r to a 4x4".

Here I thought a shawl was easy … mine is just a large scarf, it’s not even triangular!!! :grrr:

We have a knitting night on the 15th … the owner of the shop is great but if someone makes a mistake she says “FROG IT” so she’s not real helpful for getting someone’s stitches back on, but one of the other ladies probably is … seems that’s her answer for everything that is in error … just frog it … even if you are five rows away from completion!! AGGGHHH.

Maybe I’ll start something else … is there a law against having more than one thing on the go at a time???



Of course not! I usually have at least 4 or 5 projects OTN in various stages of disarray. Helps to keep me motivated. I too have problems recovering from any disaster anywhere south of the row I’m on. My attempts at a fix usually make it look even worse. :wall:

Don’t despair, chere :woohoo:



Did you ever do a gauge for this? You probably should to ensure that you use the right sized needles.

Also, I think it’s a shame that the instructor has y’all frogging everytime you make a mistake. There are videos on this site to help you. Find an experienced knitter to walk you through correcting your mistakes.

As far as number of projects OTN, I’m a one-project-at-a-time kind of gal. I find that I actually finish things this way. I can’t stand to have things half-way done, plus I have some motivation to finish a project when I know what project I’ve got planned next.

Hang in there…you’ll get it done…sooner or later. :teehee:

[b]I must confess I am not a gauge person and because of that it is very likely that I will probably never knit sweaters or socks … at this point only things that don’t matter much like blankets or shawls … I know, I know, you are supposed to do gauge (as I read in KNITTING RULES) … :oops:

Oh, the gal who frogs isn’t our instructor, it’s just a gathering of knitting women, she is the owner of the shop that has it … I know about doing a lifeline and I didn’t do it in this particular shawl but I’ve started it over and plan to put them in every ten rows … I must look at the videos better … I’ve only scanned a couple.