Frogged my "sock"

So, I was supposed to be making these with this yarn
which I truly believed would be beautiful…but I got to the heel flap and oh my. I had really screwed up some of the pattern and decided to frog it all and start over. I almost cast on a new project, but didn’t. I started the sock over and am so HAPPY I did! :slight_smile: I went 3x as fast, was actually accurate in my knitting and I think now I can see the addictive-ness that is socks. Now I’m all excited to get these done. :happydance:

Just had to share with some of you who know I’ve been doing these forever and get that little boost that you guys all give…thank you! Have a great day!

Hurrah for you Bethany. The yarn coloring is very eye-catching, your socks will surely turn out fabulously. Here is to sticking with your sock project. :yay: :yay: :yay:

I am so glad you stuck with it. I have done the same thing and it is so satisfying when you finish such a beautiful pair of socks. You get a great big “ATTA GIRL” for that.:woot:

i’ll pm ya if i get lost, since it sounds like you got the hang of it! :thumbsup:

Ha! Let’s wait to see how it all turns out… :wink:

Oh no frogged mobius!

Oh, way to go! Glad to hear you’re sticking with it!

I frogged my first sock attempt, as well. Messed up the stitch pattern somehow, and it was a mess. Put it aside for a couple of weeks, and picked up again. It was quite a thrill to finally finish it! I’m now working on the second one (terrified of suffering Second Sock Syndrome!) I’m already looking forward to my second pair.

Be sure to post pictures!

woohoo, awesome job sticking with it! Socks are so addictive and rewarding - I’m glad that you’re improving on new skills! Rock on :thumbsup:

:slight_smile: You post your pair too!

Way to go! Sometimes it’s determination alone that gets these projects finished. Keep up the good work and post a picture of those Ocean Sox when they are done!

:happydance: YAY! for sticking with it…can’t wait to see the finished socks :yay: