Frogged My First Row - Any Hope?

I just finished my third ever project, a lace-weight scarf in the pattern Magic Moment by Jojoland (yarn = Melody Superwash).

I have done terrible things to this scarf.

Terrible, unspeakable things. It has suffered much.

I’ve corrected all the mistakes I on my own that I can, and for the most part, it looks just fine now that I’ve mended most of what I maimed and mutilated before.

…EXCEPT for the first row (or two? Or three?) … At one point I thought all was lost and was actually attempting to unravel the scarf from both ends because I got a knot in the yarn on the working end. (Brilliant, I know). :doh:

So I went back to the top of the scarf and started teasing out the tail. That got tedious, so I went back to the working end and poked at that some more until, voila, I untangled the knot… and kept knitting until bind-off. I’m left with an undone row or two at the top. Sometimes I think I do these thing to keep myself entertained…

So finally, we arrive at the question: CAN IT BE SAVED? Is it possible to “re-cast on?”

Any takers? :hmm: :mrgreen:

You can’t cast on again, but you can continue to undo the cast on and maybe one more row, then bind off the sts. That way the edges will look the same.

…this sounds much more sensible. My scarf and I thank you!