FROGGED: Hey Teach!

This designhas kicked my a$$ to Alaska and back! Oh my! :wall:

It’s called [B]Hey, Teach![/B] Featured free at Knitty.

I’ve frogged the Back (lace pattern) so many times, I was about to scrap the entire project. Come to find out…the narrative in the pattern is vague with regards to the chart…how to work the chart’s repeated red box. Fortunately, someone posted questions about the charted area of lacework…and someone else posted the answer! Voila. I’m back on track…

…but came up against another wall on Row 7 of the chart. Seems that the stitch markers have to shift 1 stitch over starting on Row 7. Found that out the hard way. :wall:

Onward…hopefully I’ll sail along now. For crying out loud…according to Ravely 2,267 women have managed to knit this cardigan!

There is another error that someone found…a real error on the Left & Right Fronts…and I can see that some women who knit [B]Hey, Teach![/B] didn’t spot the error (and the correction) in time.

Here is the correction:

[B]On 7/28/08, Yoshimi commented:[/B]

[B]“For left front, lace pattern, it states k2, knit in pattern, knit 6; this should read k6 knit in pattern k2[/B]
[B]For right front, lace pattern, it states k6, knit in pattern, k2; this should read k2, knit in pattern, k6.”[/B]

I’ve found a lot of help for finding errata by reading the ‘comments’ for the project. [B] Hey, Teach! [/B]has 24 comments, and a few of tem speak to the very issues I was confounded by.

Sorry to hear this has been such a problem for you. I’m sure, though, that you’ll get 'er licked and we’ll be seeing a beautiful finished object soon!

I’m currently working on something that has me pulling out hair, too. I’m calling it the “two steps forward, three steps back shrug”! URGH!!! Was sailing along wonderfully and hit a snag just this afternoon. :frog:

Sorry to hear about your trips to the frog pond! IMO, and I’m sure you agree, I think it’s always best to frog and correct! And when a pattern is so hopeless that you cannot wrap your brain around it, it’s best to move on. Too many designs out there to allow yourself to be chained to something ridiculously impossible to figure out. FYI: I was one hair from pulling the trigger on Hey, Teach!

I’m coming along real good now! The use of stitch markers between repeat across the row becomes a trainwreck on the Row 7. The stitch markers all move over one stitch across that row. Don’t know why.

I’ve knit these sweaters before too. In the end I calculate that what with knitting the back twice, most of the front over again and losing count on the sleeves, I could have outfitted a small Brownie troop. I just finished a child’s cardigan like that, put the buttons on and realized, I wasn’t all that pleased in the end result anyway. Ah, well more experience.

Ok, I think I will stay away from that pattern for now! lol. I was doing so well with my cable scarf and then put it down in the middle of the pattern repeat and when I picked it up again I mistakenly began on the wrong row. I knitted almost a foot before I realized that it was off. I unraveled and had to try to guess what row I would be at and still got it wrong. This time though the error is very difficult to spot so I just continued on knowing that only I will know where the mistake is.I would hate to have that happen with a nice sweater. I am sure I will have it happen sometime soon though as I will be starting one soon when my yarn comes in

You won’t believe it…I still haven’t finished the Back. I’ve given up counting the number of times I’ve had to frog 12 rows or so and re-knit correctly, then make the same mistake AGAIN.

I’ve identified the crux of the problem. It’s the shifting alternating leaf motifs PLUS the fact that the armhole bindoffs and subsequent 3 decrease (shaping) rows has thrown everything out of kilter. The absent stitches are really missed when the pattern shifts to the right on Row 7 of the 12-row repeat.

I’m sorta on to it now. I have about 3.5" to go in the armholes area. I’m sure it will be a PITA, no easy task. Maybe it’s just me, but IMO…this pattern stitch (while cute) wasn’t well planned to allow for shaping sake.

This pattern gave me fits last summer. I thought it was because it was the first lace knitting I had done, but don’t think that was quite the whole problem. I probably frogged the fronts at least 6 times before I finally found a bodice chart online and got back on track. I like how it turned out, but boy, what a pain.
(I can’t find the link of the chart, but if you’d like it I can send it to you)

I’m okay now. I think I’ll be able to knit the fronts without :wall:.

As I said, the Hey, Teach! project had some comments posted, and one lady posted the outright error she found in the pattern for the Left and Right Front. Has to do with the set-up row. Starting the Left Front out with K6, not K2…and ending the Left Front with K2, not K6. And vice versa for the Right Front.

Is that what messed you up? I’ll search around on the internet to see what I come up with for Hey, Teach! Thanks for the heads up.

Done with the Back. Not completely happy. Being ill-planned the ‘pattern stitch’ as set out in the chart leaves us without enough stitches to work a motif in the rows above the armhole shaping on the Left Side. As you can see by the photo of my Back, there is a bit of a void on the Back Right. There weren’t enough stitches to complete a motif thing. I did what I could to fill in something…using SSK’s and YO’s that weren’t called for.

So as soon as I put this laptop to bed, I’m going to futz with a remedy for the blank area: using duplicate stitch, I’ll re-create the center stem of a motif…and maybe a little outlining. I dunno. I’ll wing it.

Stay tuned…

Here is my Back, as is:

I honestly can’t remember exactly what messed me up. I guess I wasn’t clear about the chart I found. I don’t have the link, but I do have the chart which is what I could send you. I’m one of those people that likes symetry and see what you mean about the back. If I make a mistake even though nobody else would notice it, it would bug me everytime I wore it. I gotta let it go…

I have given up on this project. Aligning the motif pattern stitch is IMPOSSIBLE for the size I chose. I frogged the Back down to the armhole bindoffs today, picked up my stitches, and tried to squeeze that (normally) 12-stitch motif repeat into the 7 or 8 available stitches so that there isn’t a glaring BLANK AREA right next to Right the armhole edge. (Left armhole area is perfect, so one side is good, the other side is hideous) Sob!

Aaargh! :wall:

I’m over it.

:knitting: I cast on for a white Silky Wool cardigan in my Queue: PINNATE CARDIGAN by Amy Cristoffers.

GRRRR!! So sorry to hear about your frustration!!! :waah:

Bummer! It is such a great looking sweater! Ahh well, it obviously was not meant to be.

Your right. Don’t look back. They’re like buses, there’ll be another one along anytime now. That yarn was meant for better things.
OK. Pinnate Caridigan sounds good.

Yes, it is an adorable sweater! But the pattern stitch for the upper body was a lost cause…ill-planned for all the sizes. I have other fish to fry…this one is tossed out in the trash! :teehee:

Hello Artlady,

I have to add my 2-cents worth to this discussion. I knitted the Hey Teach in size xs, and the pattern is correct as written. If I can add a picture to your thread, it will show what I mean. Well, my picture was slightly too big to post, so I will just describe it. The portions of the fronts have to be on the button/buttonhole sides so that the lace will line up with the back on the shoulders. And also, so that the lace is continuous around the underarm area. I knitted the sweater again in size s, and it really came out well. The pattern was evidently written for just that one size, and then the designer tried to modify it for other sizes.


I’m glad I found this thread, I was thinking I might like to make it but y’all’s feedback is great. Thanks! :hug:

Exactly what I think, too. It’s obvious it’s a well written pattern because so many individuals have successfully knit it! You’re right, the pattern didn’t translate well over ALL THE SIZES. I fell into the size that throws off the charted area of the upper body, at least for the Back which is as far as I got. I frogged so many times, tweaking, futzing, re-aligning…to no good outcome.

I cut my losses there.

Plus I’ve read that the designer isn’t available for questions, no website that contains corrections. I mean, why should she? The pattern is free. She has no monetary incentive to spend one more minute on her design. Pride-in-Product is one reason, but spending time on that doesn’t pay her mortgage. And for all we know, she could be ill or deceased.

So this design pattern is what it is.

I’m over it.