Please cry with me! I am working on my first real lace project and just had to frog it b/c of a dropped stitch. See, all was great until the other night I was trying to spread it out to see it and just ripped about 30 stitches off the needle like it was nothing. I froze and told my DH to get the baby and entertain her b/c I had a delicate operation to perform. I managed to pick up all the stitches or so I thought. I counted them and there was 100. So I pick it up today and knit a few rows before realizing that there is a stitch unraveling its way toward the beginning. All this being said I was only on row 28 so it wasn’t too bad. I had two rows before I put my lifeline in, but thins time I may do it every ten rows instead. Thanks for listening to me whine!

:hug: :hug: :hug:

I’m so sorry!! Putting in the lifeline more frequently is definitely a good idea. Learning the hard way stinks! :pout:

Oh, so sorry to hear that! I just finished Branching Out, which is kind of like a lace pattern. It was pretty delicate to work with at first, so I understand.


[color=indigo]I hate it when that happens. Lifeline … lifeline … lifeline … oh yes, and … lifeline.


i feel your pain :frog:

Oh I’m so sorry to hear that :pout: I know how it feels :hug:

I’ve had to frog my lace scarf, too a couple days ago and it was halfway done :verysad:

But now after the frog I feel so much better because since now I learned that stockinette always curls like mad, I know that I will not make the same mistake ever again. Also I’ll be sure that I’m gonna like my scarf later on when I finished re-knitting it, I feel glad that I had chosen to frog my scarf instead of keeping something that I don’t like. I frogged my project, and I’m glad that I did :).

You’ll feel better later on :hug:

First lace is hard. Stick with it, and you’ll get better.

I have never done lace but I can sympathize with losing your stitches… I like to use big , fat needles and big fat yarn that fills them up completely~ there have been many occasions when they had slipped off the needle and I didn’t even know it~ :wall: :wall:

But again … We live and learn
:happydance: :cheering: :cheering: :happydance:

Here’s to catching our mistakes early :clink:

Thanks everyone. I am starting again this morning and that life line is going in often this time!

Sorry to hear! Is the pond large enough for me too? I frogged both fronts of my cardigan last night because I didn’t like how the increases looked. I, too will CO again this morning…

Good luck with yours.

Oh no, I’m so sorry!! I hate that!! I bet it will look even better the 2nd time around, though, since you had all that practice!

Yes yes yes…placing frequent lifelines in lace knitting is as important as creating frequent Restore Points on your computer, and doing daily back-ups for precious files!

Ya just never know when somethin’ is gonna crash and burn! :hair:

We’ve all been there sister. :hug: :grphug: Whine and cry all you need :frog: :frog: :frog: :frog:

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Nadja xxx

Yeah, been there many times.

I use two lifelines. I’m paranoid. I put a lifeline in then knit a few rows, put another one in, and leave the first one until I’m ready to put in another one, then I take out the first one and put it in.

Did that make since??? :??

That makes sense. I have only gotten the three garter stitch rows done because I have a crying :waah: crazy teething baby on my hands!