🐸 Tis the story of a newbie knitter


My friend Heather agreed to teach me to knit. I didn’t think it would be so hard to learn! But I’m learning slowly and surely… my first successful piece will be a wide… something, but it will be mine.

Not sure what I’ll try as a real piece, but hey it’s progress!


Good for you! And your first bit of knitting doesn’t have to [B]be[/B] anything. If you incorporate a lot of different types of stitches and techniques into it, it can be a freeform wall hanging when you’re done.

Exactly! My first thing was a nothing…just long piece of knitting to practice with cheap yarn. Once you learn the basics you’re good to go for anything!:yay:

Yah… I managed to pull a few stitches out by accident but at least it not a major thing I’m working on just my first practice piece. :smiley:

way to go.
Your 1st knitting is if anyone asks just a piece of art :slight_smile:

Well I finally got the knitted cast on when I was home sick yesterday. :cheering:

The only problem is my next couple of rows were very loose and wobbly. I guess i just need to readjust my tension as the bulky yarn I’ve been working with is pretty easy to use but going to a worsted weight yarn is weird now.

Anyway, that’s my little bit of knitting progress for today.


:yay: Good for you!

It just takes practice to get even tension. You’re doing great!


Yay! Thanks Jan … now on to conquer the dreaded purl stitch!

I have finally gotten down the last casting method everyone and their mother has been telling me about. the Long Tail cast on!

Once someone showed me how, it was really easy! I was skipping that last tug through from the thumb, now i just need to master my tension when casting on but I’m so excited that I finally got it! :woohoo: :woohoo:

does a new thing learned shimmy

next up, the dreaded purl stitch!

:yay: Purling isn’t too hard. Once you learn it you can do anything!

:cheering: You can do it! Just takes practice. My first “thing” was a REALLY LONG, LONG, LONG, LONG scarf. I kept knitting on it for months 'cause I couldn’t figure out how to bind off (KnittingHelp wasn’t around then–heck I don’t think the internet had even been invented-yep I’m that old:teehee: )
Finally, one day, something clicked in my head and I understood it and bound it off. I still have that extra long scarf–I don’t wear it because its about 20 yards long:roflhard: