Frog time

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I just started my first real sweater today and already I have to frog half of it. I’m doing the custom raglan pattern, and you’re eventually supposed to cast on the front neck stitches. I cast them on twisted around or something because I just realized that my knitting resembles a mobius strip. I figure I’ll put a lifeline to the row right before the cast on part.

Also, does anyone know any good tutorials on either thek knitted or cable cast on? Amy’s videos don’t have sound for me. I decided to use the loop cast on, but I don’t like how it looks. I figure this time I’ll attempt another cast on again.

Not all of the videos have sound. Here’s some more videos that I use occasionally, too.

I just used the longtail for my raglan and I was happy with it. It takes practice not to twist it. Look carefully at it and lay it flat if you have to. Sorry you had to frog. :pout:

Poor wombat! When I came back to knitting about 3 years ago, I made a capelet in the round and ended up frogging it twice because I flipped the stitches when I joined them. I was so dumb that I was convinced that when I pulled it off the needles it would right itself, so the first time I actually finished the dumb thing. (Well, I suppose I’m the dumb thing.)



Sorry you have to frog it…that’s never fun

So much to learn…so little time…

I know that when you talk about frogging you are talking about ripping out row BUT what does FROGGING mean?

rip it, rip it.

Say it in a low voice like you were a frog croaking.



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:thumbsup: Thank you!

I “searched” the term and came up with 22000 references (or some eqully ridiculous number) starting reading them and couldn’t figure it out :shrug: