Frog Pond Question

Last year I started Picovoli out of KP shine. Lets just say I was distracted alot during the knitting thereof, got about 3 inches into it, and there are many mistakes…and then lost interest.

Part of my problem was the pattern. I have since realized that I am happier when I translate the pattern into lines with only my numbers on it - then I don’t get screwed up when I am at swim meets and such.

So. I want to start this project over. Obviously I know how to frog and how to frog well. One of the first things we learn as knitters, eh? My question is this - when I do frog- should I start over with a different skein of yarn and let this one relax a bit??? Or ok to start over with this one??

For me, I always feel fresher starting out with a new ball of yarn (if it calls for more than one). I have no clue if it makes a difference but by the time I get to the old ball it’s smooth and as if I never knit it :slight_smile:

Happy Friday :happydance:

I start with a new ball of yarn, too. But, if that’s not possible, I soak the frogged yarn to get out the kinks, let it dry, then rewind it.

i read somewhere to wind the yarn in a big loop (think hank), dampen it, then hang it with something tied at the bottom to weigh it down. once it dries, it is supposed to straighten it back out.