Frog and WIP

I’m such a duff :wall: I was watching my new shows on TV last night WHILE I was knitting and didn’t even notice I forgot to add a marker for a sleeve on this baby sweater I started.So today at work I started all over again:nails: So now I am gonna FROG:frog:the part I did last night so I can add the sleeves.Just have the ribbing to do on the sweater part.

thats so sweet sorry u had to frog. is it a hard pattern where did u get it?

No it’s EASY

Very cute! I love the colors. What a great job you must have to be able to knit!

Love the colours! lovely work :slight_smile:

I’m sorry you had to frog!!! Very cute sweater!! :happydance:

I am an expert frogger so I sympathize. The sweater is going to be gorgeous!!!