Frog a Christmas present?

I made a scarf for a Christmas present. I was happily knitting along, and almost finished when I noticed that one of my two-row ribs on the side had morphed into a three-row rib. I tried to take a picture of the place where the mistake occurred, but it’s a little blurry. Would you frog it and re-knit it for NEXT Christmas or give it as is?! LOL

I want to make sure I understand this…did you somehow increase a stitch, and how far down did it occur? (I can’t see very well from the photo-sorry).

Are you talking about the bump in the dark yarn just beyond the color change? If it’s not far from the end of the scarf, can’t you just rip back to the mistake and take it from there? I don’t understand why you’d frog the whole thing.

Unfortunately, the mistake occurred fairly early in the scarf. So, about 3/4 of the scarf has a three-stitch border on one side, and a two-stitch border on the other side. I guess it’s not that noticeable, but now that I’ve noticed it, it’s really bugging me.

will who you’re giving it to notice? I mean it’s up to you but if it’s me and I mess I and I know the person who I give it to won’t notice then I just pretend it’s not there LOL live and learn I suppose. If it bugs you that bad frog it to that point then go back to knitting:knitting:

I’m with sorifes. I think it would depend on the recipient. If you think it will be noticed (and it’s bugging you that much), then frog and save for next year - if not, I’d give as is. Most people don’t notice those little things like we do.

I agree with WandaT. I would call it creative license on your part. Let it go unless it really bothers you.

I’m the one that would frog it… even though I know very well that none of the people I usually gift to would notice any mistakes I’ve made. I guess I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to my knitting because once I notice the mistake it’s all I see. I’m not even sure I want to discuss how many times I frogged a nearly completed object because of a mistake early on. :aww:

I think it is a lovely and original design element, a beautiful new addition to the pattern ! Wrap that baby !!!

Personally, since it occured early on, I would finish the scarf and then frog it from the OTHER end. It takes a bit of work unravelling the cast-on edge, but trust me, it’s worth it! I’ve had to do it on a couple different projects and it’s much quicker and easier than redoing the whole thing.

Hmmm. That’s an idea! At least it would be symmetrical–sort-of!
He is the type of person who would appreciate a hand-made gift–with or without the mistake.

Hi! :waving:

If you’re giving the scarf to someone who would appreciate it’s hand-made value, then maybe you could consider the “slight” change in pattern a “design element”!

We’re not machines, cranking out perfect pieces automatically, chugga-chugga-chugga! Each stitch we make holds much more than yarn - it holds kind thoughts, love, intentions to warm and comfort the recipient and whatever other positive emotions you put into it when you knit! So THAT’s what you’re really giving.

On your next scarf you might stay closer to pattern and not have a “variation” that bothers you. But I’d suggest on this one you just wrap up the warm, caring thoughts with the wool and give your gift proudly!

All the best and happy holidays!

Ruthie :knitting:

I agree with RuthieMaryland. Your slight goof is just proof-positive that you made it yourself with lots of love and warm thoughts for the receiver.

Every single thing I create - tatting, knitting, crocheting, etc. - has at least one mistake. This proves 1: that it’s hand made; 2: that I am human and 3: that I, me, myself made this and here is the proof that I made it- this goof right here.

If caught, I just tell people I’d make a good Shaker: only God is perfect, so I deliberately include 1 error.


Hope this helps,

That’s a wonderful way of looking at it Dot!