Fringe - Not even sure that's what you call it!

Hi all, I new to this site and very new to knitting, I started two weeks ago and have knitted a scarf (very bad attempt with a hole and it gets bigger and small whoops) but my second scarf is much better, has kept it’s shape not holes I am really pleased with myself!! I want to give it to my goddaughter for her birthday in a couple of weeks and it looks very bare all done in knit (this is the only one I know so far :oops:) I was wondering how to put a fringe on the scarf :?? I’m not even sure if this is the right technical term, but what I mean is lots of threads hanging from both ends. any help would be much appricated.

Here ya go!

Ingrid thank you so much that is was really quick and really helpful and I love your avatar.