I am on mu umpteenth scarf. This one i would like to put fring on. I have my pieces all cut, but, which stitch (or hole) do I start?

When I do fringe, I put one piece at each corner, then one in the middle. after that I space them evenly along the edge.Does that help at all?? Tillie

I am new to knitting…Love it…just finished my 2nd a scarf and would like to add fringe at the bottom. could someone tell me on how to do this?


I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule of exactly where to place your fringe. As you put your hook in for where you think it would work, and then put the fringe piece on you can look at both sides of your work and see if you are happy with how it looks. If so, you’re good to keep doing it like that. If it doesn’t look good, take it out and try a little different spot until you are happy with the result. Trial and error is sometimes the best teacher.

There must be someplace where you could find directions for doing fringe by doing a Google search.

Basically you cut your pieces of yarn for the finge twice as long as you’d like them to be when hanging. Fold the strand in half in the middle and using a crochet hook and what is called a lark’s head knot (do a search for this) attach the fringe pieces singly or in groups as desired along the ends of your scarf.

The lark’s head is easy. I’ll try to explain it. Stick your crochet hook into the spot you choose to place a strand(s) and pull up a loop from the center of the strand (where it folds). Then you run the two ends of the strand of fringe through the loop you pulled up and snug the knot up.

I hope this helps.