I have actually been done knitting this for a couple of weeks. Just waiting for blocking & a reluctant model. I have finished a couple other items but no pics. A baby hat for a shower my daughter went to & a cover for my tarot cards(less than exciting). I really enjoyed knitting this & have started on another in a yarn I find way more exciting than the pink. I have also started on Asana. I just need to figure out what to do about the shoulder straps. I just don’t like them the way they are for me. More than anything else I have been working on my health. A little over a month ago I went to a class on Yuen Method, taught by LeRoy & Kari. So far I have had really good results with other people & so, so on myself. It is really exciting when I see results though.

:inlove: ohh I love that!! You did a great job on it!! :thumbsup:

beautiful! :inlove:

Very impressive! :cheering:

SOOOOOO pretty, Perc! Where’s the pattern? What yarn?

That is GORGEOUS!!! :happydance:

that is FABULOUS!!! I’ll bet it took a LOT of time and concentration: congratulations on stitcking with it!

I like the Asana, very daring!!! What will you do for the straps? After you do the waist tabs, try it on and have someone help you measure how long the sholder straps woul dbe, and mark the stitches with those hangy marker things how wide you want them and where: then you can pribablly just knit a skinny strip that length and attach it. It might look cute with a halter-style strap too… AND (ooo ideas), since it’s supposed to stay up w/o the strap, you could make the strap removeable. Fun! i wish I was skinny so I could wear one!

That is beautiful! It looks hard/complicated… was it? Can’t wait to see the Asana when it is done!

Gorgeous! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Here’s the pattern for frill. The pink yarn is Zitron Polo, larger than the required guage. The red yarn is Savann by Marks & Kattens, which I haven’t checked yet to see how the guage is turning out. It was pretty hard to find a good yarn for this project, since the yarn in the pattern is not available to me locally & she doesn’t have guage in stock st. I tried using the manufacturers guage of the original yarn. Turned out ok anyway, just a bit smaller. I was unravelling the stitches for the frills last night, uggg. Somehow I messed up when dropping stitches the first time & didn’t figure it out until a few rows up, so I had to rip down & use a crochet hook to start over. :frog: When i did this some of the fuzzy parts of the yarn got tangled, which made for a hard start to a few of the rows. This yarn holds a bit more than others anyway, so it was a bit more work than with the polo. So far so good on the lace repeats. It is much easier the second time around, but i am still going to use a lifeline.