Friend's had a baby, I want to knit!

Hi folks,

My friend recently had a baby, a little boy, hes about 7 months old now. And I would like to knit him something.

But where to start? xD

Im thinking maybe a hat? Or some booties? Keeping in mind I only have a week to make this (but I have this week off, so I have the whole week to devote).

Im not very good at knitting, ive only just really begun (coming from a felting background), so, do any of you know of any easy patterns or just a rough guide for knitting a little something?

Any help muchly appreciated :smiley:


welcome to the world of knitting.
that site should help u. bookmark as its so to see what u come up with and good luck.

You could make a garter stitch baby blanket! If you use a DK or worsted weight yarn (like Bernat Softee Baby or Caron Simply Soft) you could knit with two strands at once using maybe a #11 or #13 needle. Cast on however many stitches you want, depending on how wide you want to make it, and just knit back and forth until it’s as long as you want it. That would knit up pretty quickly, and be really easy. Both strands could be the same color, or use two different colors together. Or you could start with one color, and change every few inches to make stripes.

It wouldn’t have to be very big, either. I like 18" x 18" or 24" x 24" to use in the car seat, and then once the baby is a little older and starts toddling around it’s a nice little blanket for them to carry around. But even 36" x 36" wouldn’t take too long to do double stranded on big needles.

Or here’s another easy option:

Same idea, but on the diagonal. Use a bulky/chunky yarn, or double strand it as I described above.

Good luck! I’m sure it will be very appreciated.

Thanks guys :smiley:

Im having a look at the sites you suggested … and I didnt even think about a blanket, cant get much more easy then that xD

Problem is, I only have the wool I already have to work with, I dont have the means or ways to go out and get more before next Tuesday. The only wool I have with me/ spare right now is one ball (50gms) of brightish golden yellow which is 8ply (or Double Knitting or Sportweight) and 200gms of the same ply as above in a muted kind of rainbow colour, both 100% New Zealand wool … its where I live, its the wool available lol xD

So, what can I do with above mentioned wool? Sorry, I should have mentioned earlier that thats all ive got!

Ive got quite a few sizes of needles but only going up to a size6mm (New Zealand) and I do have a set of cable needles, size 4.5mm … 60cm I think.

I found one site:

Which looks pritty cool, as I would like to make something a bit funky. Perhaps I should make that wee funky hat and a little blanket out of the rainbow wool, a little matching thing going on? Or is that too creepy lol ? xD

Anywho, im still thinking, any more ideas muchly appreciated :smiley: