Friendly reminder! :)

It was nice to see the friendly reminder that I haven’t been active on the site in a while. Girls, it has just been a hectic time! I retired from teaching in June and have been very busy reorganizing! I have been working on getting my stash and supplies in order! I have been knitting some handwarmers. I take them to the Arizona Diamondbacks game! They do allow knitting anytime at the ballpark, not just on the Stitch and Pitch days! Here are some pics from Stitch and Pitch of me and my friends.

Welcome back (even if I’m not one of the girls:lol:)

So nice to see a picture of someone from here. It does sound like you’ve been busy and still knitting. Thats great!:happydance:

hooray :cheering::XY::x::yay::woohoo:for 2 of America’s best pastimes knitting and baseball!!!

:waving::cheering: hello! :cheering::waving:

Congratulations on your retirement! I remember you posting that a few months ago. :cheering: