Friend Going To Peru

Today I received an email from a friend who lives on the West coast. Among other things he said that he and his wife were going to Peru for the Christmas holiday this year.

Very cool. I did mention that if he just happened to run across some alpaca wool yarn for a good price I’d be more than happy to buy it from him when they get back. :mrgreen:

It would be very cool if they brought me back a bunch of alpaca from Peru.

That would be awesome! My aunt’s friend brought her back an alpaca shawl and she now has an alpaca fetish. Real alpaca from Peru would be a treat.

Yeah, that [I]would[/I] be awesome!:yay:

Maybe they could bring you back an alpaca.
There is an alpaca farm just down the road from my house. They sure are cute and friendly.

Nah, I wouldn’t have room in my truck for the whole alpaca, just the yarn will do. :rofl:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Maybe a baby alpaca?
It could be like that show “BJ and the Bear”…

Oooo good luck! I trust there will be pictures if you get some!! :slight_smile:


You betcha.

He emailed me back a little while ago and said that he would put his son on the yarn hunt as he’s fluent in Spanish and would be better at haggling the price.

Good Luck. Maybe you will get a whole Alpaca stash!!! :woot:

That would be great! I hope it works out for you!!
:teehee: I can just see you now with a baby alpaca riding shot gun.

:rofl: :rofl: But I hope you get a nice stash :slight_smile:

I recently went to Peru and the area I was in had no alpaca. The desert of Northern Peru. But they should definitly be able to get some for really cheap as long as they don’t buy it at the airport or some other touristy place and as long as they aren’t going to the desert. It should be lovely.