Friday the 13th

I thought I’d put this to let people say what happen to them on this day.What happen to me:

*The power when out at school twice!:noway:

*The microphone at school no one was near and it made a screech noise:help:

*Plane crashes in New York and 49 died.

now if you have any to add be my guest.:oo:

We had the power go out…but aside from that…it was a pretty normal day…smiles

Well…I already posted about my disaster for today in this thread. I think that counts. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually had an exceptionally good day :slight_smile:

The plane crash happened Thursday night. The last time the US had a fatal plane crash was in '06 when 49 people died. The same number of people died last night. Kinda a creepy coincidence…

But, nothing out of the ordinary happened to me today.

I got a dental crown and nothing went wrong.
I ate a burger with my lower lip numb (also had fillings done) and didn’t bite my lip.
I asked the dentist to check out a spot in my mouth to make sure it wasn’t cancer and he said it looked like what I thought it was, a scratch/burn from food.
I took a nap to sleep off the Xanax I take to be able to go to the dentist and didn’t get a migraine from the extra sleep.

So you’re saying these are [I]un[/I]usual things then, Mike? :wink:

The kids were arguing just about all day, but, that’s every day so it was a typical day for me…lol

Oh, nothing out of the ordinary. Wait.

My 10 year old dd was being teased, bullied and hit with sticks by boys in her class. She got so angry that she threw a rock and sent one of the boys to the hospital with a gash on his head that required 6 staples. Now [B][I]she’s[/I][/B] in trouble.

Otherwise, a pretty ordinary day.


The power steering went out on my car. No problem stopping it though, thank God.

That is SO not fair! No, your little one probably shouldn’t have thrown a rock, but it sounds like she was defending herself to some extent and the other kids should be in trouble too…

When I was in 10th grade I got suspended for 3 days for shoving a boy (yes, you read that right, I was a sophomore in high school) after he called me some pretty filthy names and threw ice in my face. Of course, he didn’t get in trouble at all…

I’m sorry that happened to your kid.

I went to the dentist to get a broken tooth fixed (biting your nails can also crack your incisors apparently) and I was the only patient there… I wonder if everyone else is superstitious, and maybe that’s why when I phoned to make the appointment 2 weeks ago that was the earliest date they could give me?

Dh and I had a very plesant 379 mile trip from South Florida to the Florida Panhandle yesterday. No problems. Saw no accidents either. But then Friday the 13th has been good luck for us in the past. Dh started Chemo on Friday the 13th in 1989 and his Cancer has not been seen or heard from since. :woohoo:

The whole Friday the 13th stuff kind of bugs me. I was born on Friday the 13th and everyone makes such a big deal of it. It’s just a day! Often I think people notice the bad things more because they are expecting them, not because more bad things actually happen.

Nothing bad happened to me on Friday the 13th. Well, the train was late (that isn’t unusual) and I did make the connection I was trying to get (that is unusual!) and the bus after that (which was neither late or early and didn’t drive past me) and then had a nice relaxing evening with my boyfriend, good day all in all!

My son had to get a root canal. This was scheduled in advance. The only bad thing about it was that the office he got it done at was running late but the procedure went well. He had knocked out this same tooth almost 4 years ago and a root canal was always in his future.

Friday the 13th, is an interesting day at our house. My son, the same as mentioned above, had open heart surgery on a Friday the 13th when he was 6 days old. Only it was January and it was a full moon as well. It went well and was life saving. 5 years later my daughter, who is adopted, was born on the same day, only it was a Thursday then. And 3 years ago on the same anniversary it was Friday the 13th again and my cat died. Just died. Very sad, but in a way good, I knew he was aging and such but he had been okay up until that day. He saved me from paying to get him put to sleep. It was hard for my daughter because it was her birthday and she really loved that cat. Well so did I. We still miss him.

All in all I don’t find it to be a bad day. Except for the cat dying.

i agree! That was unfair your child was defending there self. What my grandma always told me was:

“sticks and stones may break my bones but, words never hurt me”

On the other hand it is a hard saying to follow.

I got suspended form school or other punishments for ‘bullying’ after i fought back the kids who were beating me up. Just because i was a more effective fighter … (I went to an all girls school so they would pinch and throw gravel and pull hair as well as the name calling. I fought like a boy and when i could put up with no more of their attack would hit them. This was frowned upon as brutish and unladylike behaviour that deserved punishment. Pulling hair and kicking is aprantly perfectly ladylike and acceptable)