Friday night pron

As I entered my LYS to meet with my Friday night knitting group, the assistant manager anounce that she was having a “The Boss is Out of Town Sale.” I was able to get this Alpaca with a Twist Lanscapes 70% baby alpaca/30% silk on sale for $4.64 a skein (regular price $7.75).

I have been thinking about making the Color Party Parka from Sally Melville book Color.

The manager announced that the Karabella Aurora 8 would be on sale on sale at 10% off and alongwith my frequent fiber miles card (you get a number of punches on your card as you buy, once filled you get 10% off a purchase) I would get 20% off. This was the yarn that I was going to start purching a bit at a time to make the sweater. Well with the discounts (I also had a $50.00 gift certificate my DD gave me for Christmas) I began picking my colors. The manager aslo let us know that the Karabella would be going up 50 cent after the weekend. I got 29 balls of yarn for 143.00 after the discounts. With out the discounts I would have paid $290.00. I figure that I work hard for my paycheck so why not.

AGH! That is some yummy yarn :slight_smile:

Boy, you are a savvy shopper! Congratulations on a well-found bargain.


What purty yarn. Congrats on the deal :slight_smile:

Ok… I’m drooling here… awesome! Congrats!

Wow, you got a really hot deal. Congratulations!

(I’m jealous :mrgreen: )

How exciting! You really hit the jackpot didn’t you? Congrats!

Oh my gosh lucky you…:passedout:

BEAUTIFUL yarn and love that pattern!

So pretty:inlove: ! As my DH would say, “Honey, it’s okay, I got a REALLY good deal!”

I’ve wanted to make this for a year. I probably won’t be able to start it for another month.