Friday Night Knitting Club

I know it’s a new book (by Kathleen Jacobs) but has anyone read it–the reviews on say it’s a great book. I prefer to listen to books but I might just have to pick this one up…

I heard a rumor that eventually it’s going to be a movie with Julia Roberts. I think she actually knits in real life.

It’s just a rumor…I can’t remember where I heard it. I did just look it up on and it has a listing there.

I’d be interested in reading it though, if others thought it’s worthwhile! :slight_smile:

For anyone who’s read it: is it a clean book? I’ve thumbed through it at Borders, and it looked all right, but I got a book in high school once that looked okay but had some horribly dirty bits. I’m really hesitant about getting books now.

I guess you’d probably have to define “clean” for someone to answer that–from the reviews and the synposis, it looks “clean” by my standards–it doesn’t give any indication of sex scenes or anything like that. It’s about a lady raising her daughter as a single mom while running a yarn store in NY.

I also saw that it was going to be a major motion picture w/ Julia Roberts. The author is doing a signing at one of the LYS here and on their website it mentions that it’ll be a major motion picture w/ J.R. I’m thinking of going to the book signing…(gives me a good excuse to get more yarn! LOL)

I want to read this, but I’m #24 in the queue at the library. If I’m lucky I’ll get to read it this year. :wall:

Ijust finished reading it! It was okay, not great but entertaining. A definite enjoyable quick read. It was a “clean” book- basic fiction with the good, the bad and the ugly.

If a movie were to come out, I do think that I would wait for it on Netflix…

I have a whole section in my book room for nothing but “Knitting Novels” - I did just get that from Amazon along with another book called “Knitting: A Novel” but I havent read either one yet. I also heard about the move thing.

I just ordered 2 more knitting books today. I have the Knitting Mystery series (I found the last two books in hardback!) YIPEE - but I also, of course, have the two books 'A Good Yarn" and “The Shop on Blossom Street”. My Step daughter bought me “Knitting under the influence” for Christmas. That one was a little “Sex in the City” meeting knitting club. I’ll have to write down all knitting novels I have though. It’s Fun to read about ! :cheering:

I would love to have a list - knitting novels are my new favorite books!