Fresh off the needles :)

Just finished this scarf, used 4 skeins (do I say skeins?) of Alfa Glitter yarn…wished the glitter would show up better, it’s so gorgeous :slight_smile:

It’s 1,5 meter long without stretching it and 20 cm wide…it stretches and stretches :wink:

very pretty :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

Oooo, I love it. Love the color. Love the yarn and the pattern. Love anything stretchy. :yay:

Really pretty, and yes, they are called skeins.

Thanks for sharing your work~~~

Looks wonderful! Hard to photograph black, but you did a great job of that, too!

Just beautiful!!!

Skeins is correct. It’s beautiful! :thumbsup:

Oh my, I just saw a similar project knit up at the lys in a yarn that looks very much like this. The dimension in the yarn is amazing. What a beautiful job you’ve done.

Thanks all so much :slight_smile: