French pattern terms

Hi there from New Zealand.
I am interested to see what goes on in this forum.
Can I ask a question first.
I am trying to translate a pattern in French to English.
It has a cable pattern.
Row 1 set up the pattern…no problem there.
Row 2 starts the cable goes like this:
4 env. *Cr5 A, 1 end, …repeat to end.
Row 3 is as first.
Row 4 : 3 env, Cr3 dr, 1 end, Cr3 g, 5 env…repeat to end.
I am lost on the Cr parts of the pattern, especially the one in Row 2. I understand end and env parts. Can anyone here enlighten me please.
Many thanks.

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Check and see if the pattern defines the way to work the cable (Cr5 A). The pattern should define the cables somewhere near the beginning or end of the pattern.
The Cr3 dr is a cable cross to the right which is holding sts to the back, possibly one stitch held in back, k2, k stitch held to back.
Cr3 g is a cable cross to the left which is holding sts to the front, possibly 2sts to the front, k1, k sts held to the front.

Knittingfool is a useful site in general and also has a translation page.

What is the name of the pattern please?