French Market Bag

HI! Has anyone knit the French Market Bag on Well I am at the handles and wanted to use double strand for the handles to have a more sturdy handle. has anyone tried to this? I am using worsted weighted wool and just considered about a flimpsy handle?


I’ve knitted a few French Market Bags and did not double strand the handles. Once felted, the handles were not flimsy. If you double strand, you may/probably have to use a larger needle size.

Good luck.

I read on a blog post SOMEWHERE (sorry I couldn’t find it) that someone wasn’t pleased with the handles on the first FMB they knit so they double stranded the second time and was happy with the way it turned out. Unfortunately, they didn’t comment beyond that and also didn’t state if they changed needle size. They DID, however, make the straps a couple inches longer. Again, don’t know anything further.

Sorry I couldn’t be of any guidance… but I HAVE read of at least one person having double stranded the handles.

Happy Knitting.

I made one for my daughter for Christmas, I used two strands throughout. Felted up great.

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