French Market Bag

I’ve knitted with dpn’s before, but usually with 3 working and one active needle. Anyway, I’m TRYING to start the French Market bag which begins with 8 cast-on stitches divided on 4 dpn’s. To join, the pattern reads: Join by slipping first st onto Needle 4. Pull last st over first st and move the last stitch onto the Needle 1. Geesh…I can’t distinguish Needle 1 from Needle 4 and I get my first stitch and last stitch all mixed up. Are the 4 needles lined up to form a square? And, help me find a way to determine the first stitch from the last stitch. I’m assuming the first stitch is the first cast-on stitch and would have the tail. Someone…please give me an easy way to do this. I tried about 6 times last night and finally gave up. :?? My dpn’s may be too long for this few stitches, but they were the only length I could find of the correct size. I don’t know if that would make a difference, but the shorter dpn’s seem to be easier to work with.

Any help/suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated.


where is your working yarn? it should be attached to the last stitch as it was the last cast on stitch. the first stitch would be the next closest stitch to the left.

How do I line up my dpn’s to prevent them from twisting. I tried it by laying them on the table as I cast on the two stitches, but they get all tangles up with I try to do the join.

let me ask you this…are you trying to cast on to each needle or cast on to one needle and then move them onto the other ones? i believe you said you had worked with DPNs before so i am assuming you are casting on and then dividing…hmmm…

i may not be thinking right about this but i don’t see why you can’t start with three needles and then add another one if you need to after the work gets bigger. someone else may shoot me down on that but it seems to me that knitting in the round is knitting in the round if the work fits on the needles.

also, have you looked at some of the other methods that Amy has videos for? i know people swear by the magic loop method…maybe one of those would work better to start out?

I do cast on the eight stitches first then move them to the 4 needles, but I think I’m going to try it for the first few rounds with 3 needles. The pattern calls for increasing one stitch in every other stitch on the second round which is why I think the patterns says 2 stitches on each needle would be easier. I’ll try the 3 dpn’s when I get home. If I’m unsuccessful again, I’ll just keep trying. I HATE it when something gets the better of me :lol: