French Girl Knits Accessories by Griffin-Grimes - "Morgaine" pattern help needed

I’ve just joined so I’m not sure if this forum is the right place to make this kind of request or not, but if I provided the written instructions with corresponding pattern to a piece I’m struggling with, would someone be willing and able to video how to knit the first 20 rows of the pattern?

Being a visual and hands on learner, I tried looking for a video tutorial on YouTube that might help, but couldn’t find anything that really dealt with my specific issues regarding this pattern. There are very few people I can ask in person, and they all live far away and are not able to do any sort of digital interface like Skype or Google Hangouts. Your help is greatly appreciated!


The pattern is a 14 stitch rib cable edge. I have two issues:

  1. I’m struggling to understand and execute successfully the instructions that deal with the last stitch of one row through the first stitch of the next row. The last stitch of the row is supposed to be a slip one purl wise with yarn in back (sl 1 pw wyb), and the very next stitch (i.e., the first stitch of the next row) is supposed to be a “sl 1 pw wyb” as well. (This pattern then continues every other row.) I don’t think I’m doing the first stitch of the next row correctly because I end up never knitting this loop… I need to SEE someone else execute these instructions because in written form, it’s just not translating very well to me, especially what I’m supposed to do with my yarn when I turn my work over from the last stitch of one row to the first stitch of the next row so it’ll actually “catch” or knit.

  2. This pattern has a cable, which I’m attempting for the first time. The instructions are a little confusing because the author left a note regarding the “first eight cable stitches […] to keep the knit column along the edge.” I don’t know if the author means that I will only be knitting the purls/purling the knits of the first eight stitches after the cable row in only one row, or if I’m supposed to continue knitting the purls/purling the knits of the knit column in the next eight rows (the ninth row is the next cable). Again, if I were to WATCH someone do this, it would make so much more sense to me.

Thanks again.

Welcome to KH!

  1. Can you quote the directions for the rows in which the last stitch of one row and the first stitch of the next row are slipped? Don’t give us the whole pattern as that can lead to copyright problems, just these 2 rows. Off hand, it’s not possible to repeat this pattern for just the reason you give, the stitch would never be worked.

  2. If the designer wants the knit column along the edge, that sounds like knitting the Vs and purling the loops. Again, can you quote just this note about the cable from the designer in full?

For my first issue with the slip one purlwise with yarn in back, here is a portion of the pattern and pertinent instructions:


• knit on RS; purl on WS
: purl on RS; knit on WS
O yo
? p2tog
V s1 pwise wyb on RS and WS

Cable chart:

• • O ? • • O ? • • O ? • V <—(Row 3)
V • : : • • : : • • : : • • <—(Row 2)
• • O ? • • O ? • • O ? • V <—(Row 1, stitch 1)


“The first time you work Row 1 of the Cable chart, work the first stitch as k1. On all following repeats, slip the first stitch of Row 1 as if to purl with yarn in back (pwise wyb) as shown on the chart.”

  1. The problem may be in the way you’re reading the chart. Read row 1 and all RS rows from right to left, read row 2 and all WS rows from left to right. When you do that row 1 ends with a knit and row 2 begins with a slip, row 2 ends with purl stitch and row 3 begins with a slip stitch. You won’t have consecutive slip sts.
    Here’s a handy video for reading charts in knitting:

Thank you for your help salmonmac, the project is nearly finished!