French Girl "Fantine" Sweater

I haven’t posted anything in a very long time. I am still here and knitting! Just finished another French Girl “Fantine” cropped sweater and actually made something for me! I love this pattern and have made it for my DIL also. I am allergic to wool so have to use the “slim pickens” of bulky/super bulky cotton or double up worsted. Good to be back.
Susan in NC :slight_smile:
PS I used KnitPicks “Spinnaker” and the pattern is French Girl “Fantine”.

Great job! Looks to be a fun, light-weight coverup.


Great little cover up–not too warm but great for when it is a bit chilly.

Wow, you knit for yourself? Are we moms and grandmas allowed to do that? :teehee:

Looks like a nice fit! I really like your wood floors too.

Mama Bear

Lovely knitting and lovely home too I might add! :aww:

[SIZE=3][COLOR=olive]Thanks everyone! The house is a work in progress…and the floors were first! More knitting later. Lots of works in progress on that score too.:hot:[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=3][COLOR=#808000]Susan the NC Sop 1[/COLOR][/SIZE]

I’m near Charlotte too.
where’s your fav lys??

pretty in pink :blooby:


wow! It’s a beautiful sweater, and what a great MIL you are to make one for your DIL! Can you talk to my MIL? LOL
Congrats, I love it.
-Sirka (new here, I’ll post an intro asap).

It’s beautiful and looks awesome on you. :yay:

It looks really nice!:yay::yay::yay:


I live near Charlotte Yarn (Selwyn Ave. & Colony Rd.) and I always shop there. Like the staff very much. I really haven’t checked out any others. I order yarn alot too. What is your favorite?

:happydance:Very pretty!!!

It is just lovely!

It’s beautiful! Lovely color and great fit!

that’s beautiful.
did you change it? I like yours better than the one in the pattern picture…
& you have amazing skin!

Well, thank you very much about the skin! I am paler than pale! As Woody Allen said, “I don’t burn; I stroke!” [U]Very [/U]sensitive; practically allergic to water!! Wool sets me on fire. I think the reason the sweater is different is the yarn. The gauge of the Spinnaker is 2.5 st per inch versus the 2 per inch of the Rowan Big Wool and also it is a thick/thin yarn with slubs. Just looks different; especially on the huge needles. I also made the sleeves a bit longer too. The whole garment has more give, even with blocking. I made the one for my DIL with Big Wool and it does have a different “look”. I think the next time I knit it I’ll try a worsted cotton yarn with more crisp definition and double it up. Thanks for the compliments!

I’m in love!!! I need that pattern, LOL. Very lovely!

That is so cute! I would look so adorable in that finished item. :teehee:


Hello everyone. I’m Yvonne. I just started on the Fantine pattern but got stumped when the pattern said "working in establised p2,k1 rib pattern, knit 8 or 9 stitches’. This is from the scoop neck cap sleeve version, row 4. If anyone out there can help me, i’’ be forever grateful to you. Anyway, thanks and enjoy yourselves.