Freezing a white lasagna

Is it possible??
My mom makes the most delicious chicken ham lasagna. I want to make it for a friend who has recently had surgery. I already know her church group is preparing meals for her and her family for a while but I wanted to make something that she or her husband could just pull out of the freezer once the meals stop coming. Mom’s lasagna popped into my head but I have never tried freezing it. The only thing I am worried about would be the white sauce separating. I don’t have her exact recipe on hand but this sauce recipe I found on line is very similar
3/4 cup [B][COLOR=#184782]butter[/COLOR][/B] 1 cup [B][COLOR=#184782]flour[/COLOR][/B] 3 tablespoons [B]dried onions[/B], minced 1 teaspoon [B][COLOR=#184782]garlic powder[/COLOR][/B] 1/2 teaspoon [B][COLOR=#184782]black pepper[/COLOR][/B] 4-5 cups [B][COLOR=#184782]chicken broth[/COLOR][/B] 2 cups [B][COLOR=#184782]milk[/COLOR][/B] 1 cup [B][COLOR=#184782]parmesan cheese[/COLOR][/B], grated


YUM… I love lasagne. I have frozen lasagne with no particular problem in re-heating - however I do put a layer of grated cheese over the top so that when the meal is heated up this just melts into the topping. I believe a small amount of bread crumbs under the cheese can help ‘hold’ a white sauce but I’ve never tried it.