Freeway collapse

So had a bit of a harried commute today. On my way to work a freeway that was being built collapsed and landed on a Fed Ex truck. There was a worker who was on the overpass when it collapsed.

I’m thanking God that I was late to work today or I would have been there at the time it collapsed!!! I have another co-worker who was late today because his alarm didn’t go off and he would have been there too!

Here is an article about the collapse.

Wow, that’s very lucky you weren’t there. I hope the driver is alright.

Prayers being said for the driver and the construction worker.

That must have been really weird to have it collapse underneath you. Not to mention the driver - unable to avoid it as it’s falling on top of you… :shock:


Sending good vibes for the hurt folks out there. ~~~~~~~:heart: I saw the photos, that looks bad.

After talking to a few other people, there are about 5 of us who regularly take this route to work and should have been right where the collapse was at that time. For one reason or another every single one of use were late today!

We are all very good about getting to work on times. Divine intervention seems to have been working today, not just for those of us at work but for many others. That is one of the busy times in that area, and for some reason, there was almost no one on the road today at that time.

One of my co-workers is friends with the Fedex driver (her husband is also a driver) and another co-workers husband works for CalTrans, and was working right by the overpass when it collapsed.

I’m thanking everything I know that no one was killed. It appears the FedEx driver will loose his leg, but as of right now it appears as though he will live! He is a mid 40’s man, single with a child. They had closed the freeway last night to put up the portion that collapsed, and they had just finished 1 hour before the collapse! It’s amazing that no one was killed!

goodness- I’m relieved you are safe! so sorry to hear about the fedex driver. what a weird random tragedy. you must still feel a little freaked out by it all!

It’s pretty much all that everyone at work is talking about. Then there were just random accidents all over today. Detours, an accident right next to the collapse, that happened a hour later that had nothing to do with the collapse, just shoddy driving, but it knocked a CalTrans truck into the ravine, and blocked two lanes (the only ones there are) of traffic and backed everything up even more.

Sheesh, makes me not want to drive home today.

What a relief, you’re safe, and it’s amazing the driver survived!

We had a similar situation last year in Montreal. 5 people died when an overpass collapsed. :pout: Fortunately it was on a Saturday so there wasn’t too much traffic, otherwise it could have been worst! I know a few people who take that overpass regularly… :shock: It’s scary to think how fragile your life can be.


I second that! I hope you are alright, drink a sweet cup of tea to keep the shock at bay.

Now on the news:
A bridge in Minnesota collapses. At least fifty cars have plunged into the river with three confirmed dead:sad:.

What in the world is going on? First a freeway, now this…

Link to the MN collapse.

Me and my family/friends are all accounted for.

I feel so bad for the folks who were on it. :verysad:

So glad to hear that Friskums, what a scary time for you!

Prayers out to all involved and most especially the rescue workers.


This is so horrible. I got a call from my MIL asking where my DH was (safe at 2nd job- I had talked to him an hour before) I was on the computer…KH, checking e-mail etc. when she told me. I turned on the news and I just can’t believe it. I was on that bridge not too long ago…

My thoughts and prayers go to all.

:pout: :verysad: I’m glad everybody here from Minneapolis are fine. Let’s hope there won’t be too many victims.

:pray: Thoughts and prayers with those affected.

:heart: From Alabama -

All of my family/friends are accounted for, I used to take that bridge at least once a day for 3 yrs when I went to the school. That is right by the U of M, but at least it is summer so there shouldn’t have been as many students on the bridge as there usually would be at that time of day. This is the only thing on the news today. My mom called me last night and I thought she was referring to the one from the beginning of the post, I don’t watch the news:pout:
What a horrible day across the country.:pout:

It fell during rush hour. Bumper to bumper traffic. :frowning:


i’m just sick about all this. Thank God my brother, who travels this bridge to go to work was home sick yesterday…a rarity for him… the bridge is laying on a train, he works for CPRailroad :shock: He was also out in Cali when the eartquake hit the Bay Area…sheesh…
I see these things on TV and am so sad for everyone, but when it’s an area I travel or could have been when I go to visit db and family, it really hits home.
I pray for the families and everyone involved…poor souls!:heart::pout::heart: