Freeform Crochet Anyone?

I love DIY! Uncommon Threads and Knitty Gritty are my two favorite shows and, if I don’t watch them each day, at least I check online to see what they’re making.

I watched a show where they were showing freeform crochet, and I thought it was so cool! Of course, I ran right out and bought some rug canvas so I could try to make a purse. Today, while watching, you guessed it, DIY, I started it.

It took me a few minutes to get the hang of the whole crochet hook through the canvas thing, but then I was off! I’ve got the edges done and some design lines laid out, but that’s about it. I’ve gotta go check out my stash to see what I need to buy. heh heh! I love that part!

Anyhow, here it is, presented to you by my boy, Newman. He doesn’t seem very interested in the piece, just the fact that it’s on his blanket.


very interesting! I also like to look at the freeform/ mathematical crochet stuff that looks like coral reefs- all a variation on fractals.

freeform anything goes against my personal obsession with symmetry and order… (sigh) one day I’ll get past that! LOL

Oooh…neat coral reef!

I wish, but I’m not that creative. Have you seen some of the designs here:

and here for some knitting examples, too, along with crochet