Free Yarn?!

Hello everyone! I am a young woman who loves to knit and crochet. As much as I enjoy it, I am a single mother who does not always have the extra money to buy the supplies that I would like to continue my hobbie! If anyone has any suggestions or ideas about where I could receive some supplies of yarn feel free to send me a PM. Thank you so much! -Rainbowdiva

You can try places like Freecycle & Craigslist. Also sometimes you can find supplies at thrift stores ie: GoodWill, Salvation Army, etc. You can find Fun fur type yarn at most $$Stores & Big Lots has yarn for cheap too. I have gotten Lion Brand Suede at Big Lots for $1.50/ skein & Patons Lacette for $1.00/ skein. Hope this helps

And don’t forget word of mouth. Mention that you want/need yarn. Sooner or later, somebody will bring you a garbage bag full of Grandma’s stash when they clean out her house. If you have a local “trader” paper that offers free ads, put one in–yarn wanted, any kind. Some newspapers even offer free classifieds.

I strongly second the idea of Goodwill. I’ve bought as much as a giant comforter bag of yarn, almost all full skeins, for $9.99. They often have pattern books for less than a dollar, too (most of the folders and old Workbaskets are 29 cents!)

Goodwill has an online auction site:
It probably won’t be worth much unless the auctioning store is near you, but it’s fun to look around!

Big Lots has quite a lot of Lion yarns for $1.50 each right now, and some RH there too. I picked up some laceweight wool (I think) and some mohairy type acrylic yarn for $.25 each last week (they should have been twice that, but maybe the cashier remembered the price wrong. They also had quite a lot of other acrylics too priced under $1.

ETA: the 25 cents each yarn was at the thrift store, not Big Lots, sorry.

There is also the option to find nice sweaters at thrift stores and to recycle that yarn. Be warned, though, the process can become addictive. :smiley: