Free yarn & partial afghan*pending*

Hello again!:waving:
I have thouroughly febreezed the inherited yarn, and now am wanting to pass it on to a needy KH’er!

And here is the partial afghan, at about 5 feet long for each piece:

I also have single aluminum needles, in case you’ve lost one, sizes 7,6,15
this is all FREE to KH’ers, just please pay for shipping via check. paypal hates me, it’s a long story:roflhard:
I would like to get rid of it all in one or two lumps, but if you just want all of the “reds” or “whites”, that’s fine too.
Please help me pass on this very nice and generous gift from a coworker:knitting:

Do you know what the fiber is for the yarn. I am looking for wool or other eco friendly fibers.

Be Blessed,
Future Court Reporter
Loving England

This is all acrylic yarn, and it is pending right now. thanks for your inquiry!