FREE Vintage knitting pattern: neat site

Hi! Just happened on this site and ordered one of their free patterns.
You’re allowed one free one. They’re kinda neat… check it out.

P.S. you have to click on free patterns and choose one

What an amazing collection of vintage patterns! Very cool!

Thanks for sharing the link!

Oooh, who was looking for that kimono wrap? That bolero #3 pattern looks a lot like it, just with short sleeves!

hey you’re welcome! and yeah, I just noticed that question re the kimono wrap… hmmm…

Oh neat, I just got my free pattern and I sure chose the right one: it includes a sweater, skirt, really neat hat, gloves and stockings! wow

I love vintage patterns! I have only looked at a couple pages and have found a few things I’d love to knit already. TY for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for that yippppeee I have asked for the Bolero one. Do you think it will be hard?

I love the charity shops always a good place to pick up vintage patterns for pennies.

:hug: Sharon

Glad you liked it! Hm, I never thought about looking for vintage patterns in a charity shop. Good idea. ! Ah, I just noticed your in England! I bet they have more there than here…

That bolero pattern is super. That was my 2nd choice. (hm, maybe I could get my husband to request that one on his email?) Hey! nobody gonna order that wedding dress pattern??? :rofl:

Yes the charity shops over here are great. There is one in particular for the Samaritans which I go to at least twice a week. She has wool at 20pence a ball no matter what it is. I give her more than the 20p because its worth more and I like to support them.
They also have fabric (which I hoard) :oops: and its ridiculous how cheap it is.

There are chairty shops all over the place here and a great shopping trip and a rummage :happydance:

You dont fancy doing the wedding dress???

I had the bolero its on my to do list :happydance:

:hug: Sharon

Hi Sharon! I used to go to charity shops in London when I went over each year (I used to live there ages ago boo hoo and I miss it soooooo) what is the name of those popular ones all over the place… I can’t remember now. hmmmm, I have it written down somewhere. Now I know I’ve been away from England for too long.
! :pout:

Hi there possibly oxfam?

There are so many charities now that have shops. Infact just about all of the big charities have them.

You like London then? If you remember post it so I know which one it was ok. You got me thinking now and its in my head. All the charity shop names going round my head :??

:hug: Sharon

OXFAM OXFAM HA I thought of it the next morning…

(I’ve been busy knitting like mad all week coz I’m going to do my first
arts and crafts show on Sept 30… yippee I hope)

I loved Oxfams.  I have a pair of red corduroys I paid 50 pence for ha)

I guessed that was what you meant. They are a very good charity shop. My local ones are The Samaritans and the Salvation Army very good causes and they have some stunning stuff too!

I wish you good luck for the arts and crafts show on Sept 30!!
Happy selling


Oh wow THANK YOU! (about my upcoming first time selling!)

Got to knit all day now, everyday til next Saturday ha ha.