Free Ugly Sweaters ebook from Knit Picks

OMG! :roflhard:

Uh, yeah. Someone took the time, made the effort, actually wrote out the patterns. I didn’t d/l yet, did you?

There oughta be a law! Those are some of the best worst I’ve seen.

ha ha ha… i absolutely avoided posting a link about this when i got their email yesterday… i’m glad you went ahead with it though, it’s good for a laugh :wink:

I found it on Facebook this morning. Misery loves company and all that.

Ya think? Didn’t you tell me there are no knitting police? :rofl:

One word for you: CHICKEN! :mrgreen:

No, I didn’t d/l it. I know I’ll never make one so whats the point. :teehee:

I might d/l for the charts for some of the things, assuming there are charts, because [I]parts[/I] of them might be useful. This ebook probably is protected by Freedom of Speech. :rofl:

freedom of speech has limited rights here… obscene, objectionable, hurtful things… lol…

remember tho, it doesn’t protect for yelling ‘fire’ in a packed public space… (although if these sweaters were being thrown on the pyre…)