Free stuff on election day!

The title says it all! I think I am going to plan my rounds tomorrow! Most only want to see that I voted sticker.
Ben& Jerry’s is giving single scoops ice cream cones from 5-8 .
Krispy Kreme is giving a special patriotic doughnut.
Starbucks is giving a drip coffee
Apparently you can even get a tattoo removedif you live in North Texas.
I’m not sure if this is nationally but the Sonic here is offering free fountain drinks.
I also heard that some local Chick-fil-as will have giveaways for the I voted sticker.
Just a few more reasons to get out and vote!

And where’s the love for the poll workers who won’t finish til late tomorrow night Ben & Jerry? At least I can stop at Starbucks early tomorrow.

I voted absentee since I just had surgery 2 weeks ago so no sticker for me…:pout:

They should deliver the free stuff to you poll workers…

[COLOR=“Blue”]The only place we have from your list is Sonic & I’ll bet they won’t give free fountain drinks. Besides, I voted early, so no sticker for me either. :sad: [/COLOR]

A lot more!

My daughter told me that you only have to tell them at Starbucks, but since I voted with absentee ballot I wondered the same thing.

i voted absentee too :waah:

I live in North Texas! If I only had a tattoo…

I voted this morning before work and my polling station was not giving out “I voted” stickers! I was looking forward to that too. Oh Well, it’s not the sticker that matters.

Starbucks is going on the honor system. Ben & Jerry’s is for everyone no sticker needed!

I didn’t even know about Starbucks but I was wearing a sticker so got offered a free coffee.

The hubby and I voted before work and wore our stickers all day…by 5pm the line at our local Ben & Jerrys was around the block and it was raining so we drove onto Chick-fil-a which was the same story so we just came home. I think the hubby ran to Starbucks after lunch for his free coffee, I can’t drink it that late in the date and still fall asleep at night. My LYS is offering 20% off with your I voted sticker, but I have to work !!!