Free site to easily help downsize your photos to Avatar size

Just became privy to resize 2 mail :thumbsup:

It’s very easy and very fast to downsize pics, even for this computer lame brain :hiding: .


Ok… :thinking: looks as if i’ll need the mod squad to help with the 1 click option of going to the site. I thought I knew how to do it but obviously…NOT!!! :rollseyes:


Thanks Nuno! :waving:


This can be KK’snew AV


Hildie, I can’t get over how much your avatar looks just like you!

why thank you! :smiley:

Have you seen the mcdonal’s commercial for the fruit and nut salad, where the women are all animated? That’s what those AVs remind me of… little cartoon versions of ourselves in a cartoon version of our lives.

[size=2]***Edit on June 2nd
Okay, so was it obvious to anyone else I’d had some wine when I posted this?? I sound like a philosophical nimrod. Sheesh! [/size]

[color=red][size=6]Wasn’t that easy?![/size] :cheering:
[/color]That’s how I finally got my avatar.