Free Shirt Pattern Needed

I have never knitted clothes before, and I would like to make sweaters eventually. I thought if I started with an easy shirt than I would have a good idea on how to make sweaters. So anyone got any nice looking free shirt patterns that they would like to share?

I have done the internet search, and cannot find what I am looking for. I would love a square neck shirt with sleeves that is for a beginner or intermediate knitter who is willing to make mistakes.

Please, someone help.

Look at the websites for your favorite yarn, they always have free patterns, and very nice ones.

They are rated easy, intermediate etc.

Google Free Knitting Patterns and you’ll be wallowing in them! :slight_smile:

I’m curious how you are defining ‘shirt’ and ‘sweater.’

In the world of knitting clothing, at least in my warped though it may be brain, a knit shirt sounds harder than a sweater - or at least a finer guage so more time consuming.