Free shipping

What sites are there that will sell knitting needles with free shipping? Are there even any? How about yarn sites with free S&H?

KnitPicks ships for free with an order of $30 or more. Many others ship for free with a spending limit, some it could be $30, others it is $90.

taraknits is great for knitting needles no shipping. She has a banner on this site :slight_smile: offers free shipping with a code sometimes. also percent off codes and such. of course you can only use one code per order but you can find the codes on

Great! Tara Knits!!! Yes, that’s what it’s called! I knew of the site, but I couldn’t remember what it was called. :rollseyes: Dodohead!

Make sure you point your browser to I make the mistake of throwing the S on all of the time!

Tara rocks!

awww youse guys! :smiley:

hey dee - I just configured it so that if you do forget and put the s on the end, it’s okay and you’ll still end up there!

*or I should say, my son did - he’s the computer whiz! is the greatest place, may I add!! Carol makes great deals and gets needles off to you in record time–her prices are unbeatable and FREE SHIPPING!! Hey–who does that without a price limit?? Nobody except Carol, unless there’s a coupon involved. I kinda love getting needles that someone else has had–think of the history behind 'em!!
Carol–you do a great service, saving lots of precious needles from the trashbin, and letting us get them for a great price! :inlove:

Excellent! I was thinking of popping you an e-mail suggesting just that very thing, but I didn’t want to sound too pushy :oops:. It’s definitely a great idea for us goobers.

I was wondering why it wasnt working win I linked your site. That is why I didn’t :slight_smile: Now I know it wasn’t just me :smiley: