Free shipping on knitpicks sock yarn

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Hey everyone, I was told that in IK Knitpicks has an offer for free shipping on their sock yarn…code is ‘socks’…I use their sock (& most all of their yarn…lol) yarn and have loved it…but, I’ve only used the ‘color your own’ natural yarn and dyed my yarn and my socks were soooo very, very soft!! Actually…at knitpicks shipping is always free with purchase over $30. NO affiliation…lol…I just love their yarn and a bargain!!
Thought I’d pass the news on to u :slight_smile:

Thanks! Sounds like its time for SEX!

[size=2](Stash Enrichment EXpedition)[/size]

[co[color=violet]lor=indigo][color=orange]Hey Girl…I was about to tell ya that u were giving me a bit too much info…lol :doh:
But, alas, I have a problem…I am unable to take advantage of the KP deal!! and boy… :verysad: I am very, very sad!!
U see, just a couple of days ago I MAXXXEEEDDD out my knitting (yes, I do have one, a small one, but exclusively for knitting!!) credit card at knitpicks…and man o man o man…I got oooooddles and ooodles of goodies!!! Yessirree…looking forward to the mailman’s visit (altho, there’s nothing there I can work on…as u know…til I get that blasted afghan finished for my nephew’s wedding!).
But…as you know, my friend…a deal is a deal is a deal…very hard to pass up!!! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE socks…I am in love with the KP color your own (got a bunch now) and I could always use more!! And then…they have their other kinds of KP sock yarn that I’ve not yet tried…I NEED to experience this… :drool: :drool: …but I can’t…not now…sorry…I’m back…I had a moment :crying: :crying: . I’m over it…almost…
Afterall, I only have enough sock yarn for 8 (9 or 10) pairs of socks now…u know…u can never, ever have too much…ESPECIALLY sock yarn :drool: :inlove: :heart: :drool: …I have a problem, yes, it’s called ‘the sock yarn syndrome’, or, at least, that’s what the knitting therapist (well, that’s what my husband said he’s called) told me it’s called…and I am freely admitting it… :oops: That’s me being embarrassed by the ‘syndrome’…
Now, I want u all to feel free to buy, buy, buy that sock yarn that I can’t get this week!! :happydance: :happydance:
[color=red]Ya’ll think of me when u order those sock yarns, now, ya hear?![/color][/color][/color]

Alright Rebecca…is this paybacks for the Circs post??? :wink: How long is this free shipping gonna last? Oh my, gotta buy!!

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lol… :XX: :XX: :rofling: :rofling:
Okay, okay…I don’t know how long the free shipping is for the sock yarn…BUT…I’ve been buying exclusively (as far as ordering stuff…still go to LYS!!) since Dec or maybe Jan and it’s always been free shipping for orders over $30.00…of course, I’ve never paid for s/h…but I’m pretty postitive that I’ve bought lots of stuff that I didn’t need to avoid the shipping charge…lol!! Anyway u look at it, it’s a good deal…I have quite a stash of KP yarn (and a HUGE stash coming any day now!!) and I’m finally starting to knit some stuff for me with my KP stuff (that is, after I finish everybody else’s…lol…can’t help myself!!)
Especially with the new cotton yarn, I’m doing my 1st ever garment for my grandbaby (that’s 1st knitted garment, period…not just for the granddaughter…lol!!) and the book (Hip Knits) classified the pattern as easy and I’m pretty sure that I can make it…I HAD to have a reason to try out this new cotton yarn…my goodness, it’s called ‘crayon’…how can u resist that?! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:
Have a great weekend; just beginning to storm here!
AND…I’m going to ask everybody to :pray: (pray) for my youngest daughter…she’s travelling to the very northwest tip of NC tonight to see college friends…and she’s alone…and mama is flipping out!! I know God’s in control…been praying about it…but, I’m also worried about all those fools on the road!
So…I’ll be back & forth on here tonite til I get her final phone call that she is there!! I must say…she’s a good kid…she’s calling & checking in like she’s supposed to!
FYI…she’s made this trip a zillion times bc that’s where she went to school in her freshman year…but mom’s will be mom’s…isn’t that right, ladies?!

She’ll be back home Sun nite
Have a great knitting weekend, my friends