FREE PATTERNS section. UPDATE! keeping section w/o images

Our recent poll has convinced me to keep the free patterns section pages. It appears that 10% of you have found this site through the free patterns section! Thanks for the feedback everyone, your input has been very, very helpful. I’ll be keeping the section up on the site, just without all the images I had.

Thanks so much to everyone who was helping me to put together the section in forum thread. I’m sorry you did all that work, only to have me change my mind! I hope you understand. I’ll keep that thread up for now, just in case! I sure did feel supported to have everyone’s help with that, how I love you all!

Thanks! :slight_smile:
3/6/05 Amy

my original message:

The Free Patterns section will be removed. Not the forum section, but the section that has its own tab on the top of the page. I’ve been emailing pattern designers for permission to use their images, and have gotten more “no’s” than anticipated. Their reasons varied quite a bit: there were issues with photographers and models needing to be paid if I used the image, and other random reasons you wouldn’t necessarily think of. …Oh well, it was worth a shot!

If you’re looking for free patterns, I recommend going here, or here. These are the sources I used to compile that section of my favorite patterns. So it’s all there! Thousands of free patterns; just not with images for easy browsing.

No regrets. I learned a lot about copyrights! (Important to know, in this field!)

With the help of the wonderful people on this forum, the pattern links will be transferred to a single thread on the Free Patterns Forum called “Amy’s Favorite Free Pattern Links” (here). There won’t be the pictures, but it’s a good selection of high-quality links. Thanks to all of you who are already contributing in this effort! You are making it possible!

How about if you use links instead of posting the actual patterns? That way, you’d still be able to keep the “Free Patterns” tab and maybe rename it “Free Pattern Links”…

Just a thought … :expressionless:

…or, you could have a section of links to sites that offer free patterns.

I’m glad you’re not taking this badly. Anyone who comes to your wonderful site knows you had good intentions. 8)



It was worth a try. I hope no one was too nasty about this issue. It’s too bad that it had to be an issue. If anyone used unnecessary harsh words for an unintentional action, then don’t let them get to you. I can already imagine what I would have said to those people… :wink:

You have your support group right here. 'Nuff said.

Will you be able to keep the info on Reference Books? Or has that been kaboshed too?

You have quite an awesome site, and it’s unfortunate that it was too much of a problem for the others…

Oh well, nice try !

Would a simple links page be valuable to you? I guess it could be valuable in that it would be a list of my favorite patterns, rather than “all the patterns out there,” lists that the other sites have. So, you’d only click on 550 links, vs. thousands of links. It wouldn’t have the images, but it would be something. Would folks like this?

If so, I’ll have to ask for your help in making it! I can’t afford to put more time into that section, if I’m going to get to shoot more videos any time soon. Here’s what I’m thinking…

I could start a thread on the Forum (in the Free Patterns section there), called “Amy’s favorite free patterns.” I’d make it a sticky, so it was always on the top of the forum. Then, one person could take on the Hats page, another person the Scarves page, etc. They’d just go through my existing pages, and add the links to a single post called “Hats,” or whatever. The post would be a reply to mine, so it would all stay neatly in that thread.

What do you think?

Sounds good to me… :slight_smile:

Yes I like this idea too and I think we’re up to helping out. I really like links to patterns, especially personal preferences. I’d also like to include just the briefest of description with each link too.


HATS are done.

Did I do this correctly?? :? :oops: Did I miss any? :oops:

Intermediate Braided Hat Pattern

Intermediate Coronet from Knitty

Beginner Nice Basic Hat

Intermediate No Hair Day Chemo Cap

Beginner/Intermediate Rolled Brim Cap

Advanced Ch’ullu Hat

Beginner/Intermediate Bidda’s Head Hugger

Intermediate Cabled Wide Brim Hat

Intermediate Cable Knit Cap

Intermediate Simple Fair Isle Hat

Intermediat/Advance Knot a Hat

Beginner/Intermediate Felted Hat

Intermediate Knit Santa Hat

Intermediate Amelia Earhart Aviators Cap Or click here for potentially easier instructions.

Intermediate J. Crew Style Hat & Gloves

Beginner Quaker Ribbed Bottom Hat

Beginner/Intermediate Rolled Brim Baby hat w/ Topknot

Intermediate Beach Baby Onesy & Hat

Intermediate Ireland Mists Hat

Great, ekgheiy, that’s a perfect example! Let me just start the thread in the Forum section…

Okay, it’s here.

Would you mind posting it there? You can just click “edit” on the post you just made here, and copy and paste it into a new post on that thread.

Thanks! I love the format you chose. Looks great!!

Kewl … I’ll do that now … :smiley:

I’ll do the scarves page…

Maybe we could also do KAL’s for each section, and then folks participating could take pictures of their finished projects, and you could then used their FO pictures as reference photos for the pattern? It could be done rather quickly if each person does a different pattern.

Either way, I’ll make the links for the Scarves after you make the sticky.


Scratch scarves, I see you already have a volunteer. I’ll do Socks, Slippers, and Mittens.

Sorry. Can’t follow directions here. I went out of order also, but did Men’s sweaters.


Amy, sorry to see this only AFTER I sent you the private message. :oops:

I’m glad to see you already had the foresight to do one of my suggestions by sharing your plans with the forum users. :slight_smile:


The sticky for individual sub-topics is an excellent idea. Keeping with the brief overview/commentary idea and skill level for the specific patterns should be a standard on the entire Net. :!: :!: :!:

Drawbacks? The list is probably going to end up being huge and I fear, despite everyone’s best intentions, it will replicate what other sites already include.

Suggestion: Why not keep the Free Patterns tab available with pictured patterns only, and, for those “hit and run” type users who normally don’t use forums? It would serve those users while also serving as an anchor point for other sites and search engines to link to your site from? You could always mention that there are other, non-pictured, pattern links available within the stickies and use that to rope in new forum users. :idea:

I know when I REALLY want to find a pattern, my order of preference is picture 1st, some informative text about it 2nd and skill level 3rd. Only after a VERY exhaustive Net search do I even think about patterns without a picture. In fact, I’ve yet to do a pattern I haven’t seen a picture of. I doubt I ever will unless I’m already familiar with the item I’m making (which is rare).

I guess it’s okay, if this site links to another site with the pattern and picture, but who wants to do a lot of hop, skip and jumping? (unless it’s a very specific or ultra-rare pattern).

My belief is since you’ve committed to such a visual and interactive site, you might as well make it your focus and let the other sites be the “link to 1,001 links you’ve probably already seen in this viewing session.”

Again, just my .02¢ worth of humble opinion. No matter which way you and other forum members steer, this is an excellent site and one which is highly worthy of any crafter’s “bookmark” or “favorites” list.

Amy, I seem to react first, then think and read.

So…I see I’ve messed up your plan on Patterns by entering a message and then submitting patterns out of order from your original list.

Eeeks. Tried to delete the other message, but couldn’t.

So much for trying to help!


Thanks ekgheiy, Foldedbird, and Jouf!!!

Jouf, thanks for your work! Don’t worry about it being out of order. I can move it easily later, it just won’t obvoiusly look like you posted it, so you won’t get as much “credit”. I’ll squeeze it into a later post that is in the approximate order. Unless someone else accidently re-does that page when the time comes, I’ll use your post!

Happenin, thanks for all the suggestions, here and in the email. Your mentioning that you found the site via the patterns, is the one point that has given me pause. But it would take a lot to change my mind at this point. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I have a very compelling list of reasons to ditch the section. …Maybe I’ll do a poll. If I found out I was getting 25% of my traffic through the patterns section, I’d reconsider. But it would have to be about that high, seriously, to outweigh the cons. Thanks for all your thoughts on the matter!


Amy - I am so glad to know you can fix it. I was thinking of the old saying if you want something done right, do it yourself - and I hate that saying. So I’m glad you can fix it all and didn’t have to do it all yourself and I don’t care for credit at all!


Amy, after reading your first post here, I’m certain you have some very compelling reasons, no doubts what-so-ever.

As you might recall (and as other forum users may now know), I’ve seen the life cycle of many sites over my past 11 years on the Net - some of this time, while as an industry professional within Net & e-commerce realm. This is precisely why I’m being so opinionated. I truly KNOW how frustrating and disappointing all the hard work and effort can sometimes be. So keep your chin up or rest it on someone else’s shoulder when you need to regain your strength, kiddo! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen it before, and now I’m seeing it here…you’ve hit the proverbial “wall”. These days, not everyone in the Net community is as caring and sharing as it once was “out there”. Sadly, these are different days/times than in the past. Which is yet another very strong point of this website…you’re still promoting the old cause for the betterment of others and profit isn’t your singular motivation.

Even your CD offering shows how caring you are. You ask for so little in exchange for a wealth of convenient information. I think the nicest part is that what you offer for sale is not the main focus of your site and being shoved down someone’s throat with a strong marketing attempt at every turn, like I’ve seen elsewhere. That’s the kind of site that drives people to look for a better deal and elsewhere for their information. Your site simply invites people in with a warm and friendly approach to information sharing. If someone would like even more depth, you offer it politely.

What users outside of the web industry might not already know is that it can take real jingle (as in $) to maintain a functional and informative website and the domain name.

Maintenance is an ongoing financial commitment with ever growing responsibilities as the site develops into something special. It doesn’t matter what the skill level is of the person who’s running the site. Someone with little knowledge can throw huge bucks into creating and maintaining, while someone with lots of knowledge might opt for even better features that can rack up a substantial overhead.

Throw in the copyrights of other’s sites, their own logistics and profit motivations, and you can have a real problem on your hands if you’re a caring person, like Amy. I strongly doubt Amy has an easy time balancing what’s she’s spending to maintain this site with CD profits (if any), so it’s pretty apparent to me that she’s doing this simply for the love of sharing the craft. To which I say: “Thank you, Amy.” :slight_smile:

So if there’s a conflict with someone else’s copyrights or photo’s etc., fine. Do what’s right, be a good netizen and, if you have to, drop their link or simply link to their site if you know it’s the proper thing to do in the particular situation.

In the meantime, taking a poll is an excellent idea. I’m not 100% sure you’ll get an exact idea of how much traffic the patterns have generated, but it’s a start. The important thing to really know here is just how much your hard work is appreciated by others, if they’ll allow me to speak for them.

You’re more than welcome for my thoughts and suggestions. I’m just glad you had a chance to think about some things you’ve likely been way too busy to think about. Anytime I can help out, just let me know. :slight_smile:

No matter what, I’m stickin’ around because I like friendly, caring/sharing places! :smiley:

Thanks so much, happenin!
:slight_smile: Very nice words. It’s nice to feel understood. :slight_smile: