Free Patterns Page

does anyone else feel that the “Free Patterns” page could use an update?

just my opinion :shrug:

Possibly, but Amy is super busy with more important things right now. I’m sure she’ll get to it eventually. There are plenty of other places with great patterns to choose from.

Several months ago she (or Sheldon?) did a major overhaul of the free patterns section – I doubt it will be done again soon as other areas of the site take up so much time/have higher priority.

If you’re looking for a source for free patterns that’s constantly updated, KPC is amazing – I don’t know how she does it, but the moment a new pattern hits the web, it’s listed there. :wink:

The dailyknitter page - - is good too, has patterns listed by needle size. You can also find a bunch at too.


I have found at the knitting pattern central, so many patterns that I can’t even look at them all.