Free Pattern List

We actually have a sticky in the pattern section for free pattern links but this link appeared in Wendy Knits and I thought it was neat because we were mentioned in it so I put it up here.

I saw that this morning and was really surprised knitting pattern central wasn’t on the list. They have a lot of patterns, more than some that made the list. I guess it’s not so well known.

I looked at the list and it seems to be (for the most part) only made up of sites with a large amount of free patterns offered by that particular site, instead of link directories (which is what KPC is). As for KPC not being well-known…that’s ok. I don’t mind. Google rankings aren’t bad and 200000+ unique visitors in November 2009 isn’t too shabby. Especially since it’s done to help and not to sell anything…


Someone on the forum where I first saw this today pointed out the link for is actually the link for KPC. Funny, I don’t know what the typo was - the link was wrong, or the site name was wrong…

Oh yeah… :??

You’re right. That’s weird.

There were a couple of new ones there to me, so thanks for that!

Thanks for that link. I always love to find new free knitting patterns.

:waving:Hey Jeremy! [COLOR=Blue]THANKS A BUNCH! [/COLOR]I didn’t realize there were so many locations that have free patterns!!

I’ll share this link with my daughters, too!!! Very nice! Thanks again! :thumbsup:

Thanks Jeremy! I already had all these in my favorites on my main computer. But, this will be a nice place to check when I’m out and about on my laptop.

I’m surprised they don’t have more of the yarn company sites, like Coats & Clark or Red Heart or Cascade.