Free pattern for similar hat?

I hope this works can someone tell me of a free pattern to make a hat similar to this one
thanks…hope the pic turns out not really sure how you put one on here[/img] :shrug:

I know there’s a similar pattern somewhere – I’ll do some looking…

this is a similar hat…just different striping:
Crazy Aunt Purl’s hat its also a funny tutorial/pattern

Here’s the one I was thinking of:

thank you so much ladies, either of those patterns will work just fine and I am thinking I can just use the colors in the possum hats , do you think i should use worsted wool? or a different weight?

thanks again, I hope to be even half as valuable as the rest of you are :muah:

have you read the ‘aunt purl’ pattern? she does say to do a swatch to check your gauge for what ever yarn you like to use…then use your gauge to determine how many sts to co to get the right measurement… so, say you get 10 sts/per inch, and you want a 15 inch round hat… so you cast on 150 sts and go from there… :shifty: hope that helps…